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11.04.2016 Sports Letters

War Against GFA Officals Who Want To Control Central Regional Football Association

By Jacob Ashun
War Against GFA Officals Who Want To Control Central Regional Football Association
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Some officials of the Ghana Football Association,GFA now wants to control we those in the Central Region in our football matters.They know very well that its unconstitutional and improper,yet they are trying hard to hand-pick people to stifle the will and mandate of the football administrators from the region.

Delegates were rightfully invited to vote.The candidates went through all the checks, processes and procedure to elect one person. My worry however was that,officials of National EC plus GFA EC were involved on the D day, and they asked each of the candidates whether they harbored any outstanding issues, and all of them replying no.

And as a result,they made us vote, indicating that nobody has any further right to raise any issues because of that singular and all- important given to all in the presence of delegates and rest of the public......Eventually, one person won and was declared the winner.

So why all these Kominini? But then,let us also exercise the little rights and powers we have as members spending and wasting our money on football all the time to inform all those behind that agenda that move died on its arrival. It will never work,pls reinstate whoever won and lets move on.They did this and killed football completely in the eastern region and elsewhere. Central Region will not sit to that extent.

Aaah!!! it is our prayer that after all we have been through as an Association in 2015/2016, things of this nature and the era where one/few people thought and deceptively imagined that they Controlled every 1 and their affairs would be a thing of the past.

But hey, that is a black man 4 u.Then we should be ready again.There are more people on standby awaiting what unfolds.Meanwhile THE FULL STORY AND SUBSEQUENT ACTIONS BEGIN ON MONDAY, GOD willing.stay tuned!! free to share!!

The formula to win the battle is change=intense Heat+ Pressure we want change so there must be intense HEAT and PRESSURE from the clubs.

The time when M.N.S. Doe can threaten is over.Come out boldly to speak the truth. Those GFA guys who came to do that appointment are sick in the brain. We are using simultaneous equation to solve this problem.i.e. plan ''A'' and ''B'' at the same time The PETITION is ready, signatures are being collected.

(GFA,EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE) are intentionally playing on our intelligence and insulting our intelligence.Very disturbing when someone who MUST know better decides to intentionally play on your brain TO PULL a fast one on you then you MUST hit hard to bring reasoning to senses of those empty heads who did the appointment of the IMC, knowing very well the right thing to do but decided to do the wrong just to test the anger of the people.

We gave them one week to come out with a date for the Executive Committee Elections to be conducted and dissolve the IMC with immediate effect.Those days are gone where they could do whatever they like and go freely.We have more knowledgeable,dynamic,intelligent,young men with modern ways,methods in depth knowledge in sports as the fastest tool for Community,District,Regional and National Development of the Society to run affairs of the Central Region Football Association.There are more questions to be answered by the GFA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.

Lets ask the following for now;
1. Where are the GFA nominations forms filled and submitted by the candidates for the Executive Committee Elections in Central Region of Ghana?

2. Why the Election Committee of the GFA failed to conduct the Executive Committee Elections on the scheduled date on the time table that elected the GFA president and Executive committee of the GFA which was suppose to run down to the District Football Association Elections in Ghana?

3.Why the Executive Committee of GFA and the Election Committee of GFA have not fixed a date to conduct the Central Region Football Association Executive Committee Elections up to date?

4. Per the regulations, the Executive Committees of the GFA, RFA,s DFAs by appointment or by Elections?

5. Why the General Secretary of GFA Mr. Addo went to Cape Coast to appoint IMC without the knowledge of the 2nd Division Clubs in Central Region Of Ghana?

6.What power has the General Secretary of GFA to appoint IMC for the clubs in Central Region?

7. Who sent him to Cape Coast to go and appoint IMC in the absence of the clubs who form the Association members?

8.On what Article is his actions based on?
9. Why still the Central region Case sent to Court by M.N.S. Doe is in court?

10.why the 2nd Division Clubs in the Central were not informed in a general meeting of the IMC formation and its modalities?

11.what is preventing the Election Committee of the GFA to fix a date to conduct the Executive Committee Elections in Central Region the Executive committee Elections in court?
13.Is it the case of ignorance in motion by those who appointed the IMC or intentionally creating a problem in Central Region Football and taking advantage of it?

We no go sit down for such stupidity to be perpetuated in the Central Region Football Association by those who are suppose to know better.

Time to act to save the face of Football in the Central Region Football is NOW or NEVER! Action NOW!

The clubs have suffered enough under the stupidity of M.N.S. Doe.Enough is Enough. All hands MUST deck.

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