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01.09.2004 Regional News

Africa's problems require spiritual solutions-Minister

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Accra, Aug 31, GNA - Speakers at a lecture on fashioning a new development paradigm for Africa on Tuesday have suggested a return to divine principles as a basic panacea to problems facing Africa. The Speakers, officials from the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, said problems militating against the rapid development of the continent were spiritual and that its redemption depended on her return to God (Yah) and his commandments.

Mr Yaw Poku Dankwa, Director of Information of the Ghana Extension of the African Hebrews, speaking on the topic "European Models: Source of Africa's Predicament", underscored the need for a redemptive development model for the 21st century that would halt the present trend of deplorable conditions of her people.

The lecture, titled " Africa in Search for a New Development Model for the 21st century", was organised by the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, to formally "introduce the community to the Ghanaian public and share its redemptive message for Africa according to the prophetic plan of Yah."

Mr Dankwa said the Bretton Woods institutions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank were founded to rule the world with an elite cream of intelligentsia.

This movement, according to Mr Dankwa, evolved over the years into various political forms and systems, and eventually established financial wings of the IMF and the World Bank.

Mr Dankwa wondered why Africa continued to wallow in poverty despite its enormous human and natural resources and blamed colonialism for making African countries producers of cash crops, and ensuring her economic survival rather than development.

He said the results of the pursuit of democracy were rampant disrespect for family and authority, individualism adding that "Democracy is a divisive factor that creates a booming market for sin, with an alarming moral degeneration"

Mr Dankwa said Europe had no success story, and the slow pace of development in Africa was her chastisement for the blind copying of European models of development.

He, therefore, advocated the Dimona Development Model, based on righteousness, communal interdependence where each would be his brother's keeper.

Dr Ben Yehuda, Minister of Information of the African Hebrews in Jerusalem, stressed a new way of thinking, "a higher elevated consciousness" to build a rightful relationship with God, based upon His Word.

He advised Africans to be cautious of their diet, and reduce intake of meat products to reduce the health risks.

Dr Kofi Owusu Ansah, a Member of the Council of State, noted that 33 of the world's 48 poorest countries were in Africa despite her abundant resources.

He expressed the hope that whatever development model was adopted would assist in the development of Africa to enable it catch up with the rest of the world.

In 1970, the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem came forth after Rahbeee Ben Amin led 109 Hebrew Israelites into Israel for the first time in 2000 years to reconnect Black Africa to her spiritual centre, Jerusalem.