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20.02.2007 General News

EC presents certificate to new political party

EC presents certificate to new political party

The Electoral Commission (EC) has presented a certificate of recognition to the Ghana National Party (GNP), a new political party.

Deputy Chairman (Operations) of EC, Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka, who presented the certificate reminded members of the enormous task of running a political party, saying many surfaced during the previous elections but fizzled out.

He urged them to be proactive and play their cards well saying, "political parties are not easy clubs to run but if the right structures put in place they will surmount the challenges and make impact”.

Mr Kantanka said the absence of the Chairman of EC at the ceremony did not mean that they underestimated the party.

"We at the Commission do not undermine small parties. Rather we believe that they can grow and become a force to be reckoned with in the political front."

Sarfo Ampofo, founding member of the Party, thanked the EC for recognizing the party and granting it a full fledged status.

He said after the struggle to attain independence, the vision of the freedom fighters to make the people live in a society of fairness, applying the natural resources they were endowed with had since been characterized by political greed and selfishness.

Mr Ampofo accused politicians of using their offices to enrich themselves instead of seeking the welfare of the people that voted them into power.

"Those who want to be multi-millionaires do not belong to politics, they should be business entrepreneurs, create jobs for the unemployed, pay their business taxes and make their millions and nobody will have problems with them. Instead, politics is seen as gold mine in our part of the world."

He said the GNP was poised to change this chronic mindset once and for all in Ghana.

Mr Ampofo said GNP was confused at [email protected] celebrations and asked whether it was to celebrate the birth of Ghana or achievements.

"We need to re-evaluate ourselves as a people if we have achieved much to celebrate as a proud country, given our God-given natural resources and human resources." he added.

He noted that the government had not been able to deliver consistent supply of ordinary necessities of life like electricity and water, even when prices are prohibitive.

Mr Ampfo argued that successes in every economy must be translated into the pockets of the people but that was not the case in the country.

"The GNP within six months in government will alleviate the people of this country from the cruel pricing of goods and services immediately after a comprehensive salary commission submits its recommendations.”

He said the GNP would pursue a new political direction devoid of selfishness, greed, bribery and corruption, tribalism, nepotism and indiscipline.

“We believe these are the evils of the country and we will discourage people against them.

"The old political order of vindictiveness will be replaced with unity and open-mindedness and welcome constructive views from all political opponents."

Mr Ampofo said political opponents were not political combatants but political tensions between the major political parties had only succeeded in creating the politics of divisiveness.

He said the party would change the political vendetta associated with the country's political history, which had led to 50 years of economic mismanagement, misplaced priorities, greed and selfishness.

Source: GNA