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Do You Think Martin Amidu Can Deal With Corruption As The Special Prosecutor??

13-01-2018 | 09-02-2018
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Bright | 1/13/2018 3:26:32 PM

He's the best candidate for Ghana at the moment. And whoever rejects him is the enemy of the state.
Corrupt NDC's and NPP's who are opposing his appointment should bow down their heads in shame.

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Jataba | 1/15/2018 3:42:16 AM

I was before his appointment picturing in my mind's eye as to who other person, apart from this gentleman, Martin Amidu could fit into this position. I congratulate myself for guessing right. Now, let's soldier on and banter with the canker called corruption. The battle is still the Lord's

Beliza Mdbel | 1/18/2018 3:38:54 PM

Corruption in any form nd where it took place is corruption,but de problem here is ,can Mr Amidu figure them in all de sectors and battle wit them.well, for me we will still have drenches in gutters even though we have special prosecuter

Emma.HOLLABD | 1/21/2018 11:42:25 AM

There's too much fishes for the CAT TO STEAL,EMMA

Mashall | 1/21/2018 4:44:32 PM

Amid best ever ever. Nana God bless u

Zoodanguu | 1/25/2018 2:10:32 PM

Martin Amidu is the best man to execute the job and make Ghana less corrupt country. Mr Martin Amidu hates corruption from the beginning,since he was Deputy A/G minister during Rawlings regime and late Evans Atta Mills regime.Mr Martin Amidu that i know and have trust in him will hunt every corrupt public sector and government officials.we are patiently waiting for him to start prosecuting them, especially those who took huge sum of money for themselves under ex-President Mahama corrupt government. May God protect Mr Martin Amidu and his team (special prosecutor).

Mashallah | 1/26/2018 9:23:35 AM

The best ever to finish npp and ndc corrupt officials with no mercy in shaa Allah


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