What’s Good On A Good Friday?

Is it the pre-Easter shopping spree?
Or because His death sets us free!
Is it because we think it's God's plan?
Or just the death of an innocent Man!

What's solely the purpose of His death?
What's the point in giving up His breath?
We call it Holy Friday but what do we see?
Unholiness everywhere, how can this be?

Again, what's Good on that Friday?

Is it the parties that show we don't care?
Because we move about here and there.
We painfully don't care about His pain.
Is it because we think He will rise again?

Do we think of the blood that was spilt?
Or how we will be cleared of our guilt?
Let's take our time for a mournful watch.
And how to illuminate the Savior's torch.

It's certainly a Good Friday because;

On that fateful day, He paid the price.
That moment when He said Tetelestai,
He conquered all and gave us Eastertide!
Let's extol the death of the Lamb with Pride!

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Author: Nana Adarkwa

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