The Ghanaian Dream

I wake up for this country again?
Well it's not my fault, maybe it's God who deserves the blame.
Out of a 100 people in my country, 89 people dema prayers be the same.
"God Abeg make I lef this country inside."
Take my mom for example, before I even was old enough to start talking, she planted the idea of "oh meba wei dierr )ntena Ghana nky3" in my head.
The irony of it all is that, the country we all are eager to leave is a refuge for many. Here is the only place they find tranquility.
My paddy for village sef say ein prayer no plenty like that so he no know why God no answer am still, he just wants to come and live in Accra.
No matter what, he has to live here someway somehow.
But like Oliver Twist, nothing ever be enough give man.
My mother always told me that was the same prayer she had when she was staying in the village too.
But now mama doesn't want to just visit this aburokyire she dey want stay there.
She dey want make we move the whole family to that side.
The quest of leaving the country to some has become fanaticism.
Some people are willing to do anything for this
If you take time to scrutinize some of these people's minds, you'd realize they don't even know what they're going to do there when they get there.
The idea of whether the reason behind people leaving is because the country is difficult to live in or they just want to leave is still moot.
Some people left and they're back here in the country because of the adversities they faced when they were out there.
But the Ghanaian man is not ready to listen, give him a plane ticket, and you'll get to watch him in next level euphoria.
"Me too ago like go there go suffer then come back, if ebe so edey", be some of the people dema response to the people who left and are back here with stories.
Keeping it a Virgil, I myself would not miss a chance to go to the aburokyire if I ever get the
Leave us and let's go and experience our own epiphanies.

Author: McCyril Sedem Akussah

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