The Paradox Of Our Independence

In 1847, the day did arrive,
Liberia stood - her freedom alive.
A beacon of hope, a dream came true,
Prestige, dignity and influence grew.
A sovereign nation standing so tall

With flags held high and hearts set free,
Liberia sang songs of liberty, national creed
But beneath the surface, a struggle remained,
Dependence on others, the country's chain.
Oh, a free nation, dependent country

Rice, the staple food, from lands afar,
Foreign imports, like a guiding star.
Unable to feed herself, Liberia yearned,
For self-reliance, the lesson unlearned.
Freedom in words, chained in action

Each government come, with lofty desire,
But strays from the path, lost in the mire.
Development plans, they often reset,
Leaving progress behind, a chance unmet.
Plans for progress falling in deepening cracks.

Independent and not free from poverty,
Rich in resources, far from prosperity.
Corruption, envy, disunity's grip,
Insecurity, hypocrisy, backwardness' trip.
Underdevelopment cast a shroud of night.

The chains of ills seem unbroken,
As Liberia's story remained unspoken.
But hope lies within, a united stand,
To shape a bright future, hand in hand.
Oh, there’s hope – all isn’t lost

With unique identity and language in tow,
Liberia's pride and strength can grow.
A sustainable agenda as national guide,
Progress and prosperity leading our stride.
July 26th can be a success story.

Through unity and strength, she’ll thrive,
Beyond the shadows, her soul will revive.
In a land where prosperity shall soar,
Liberia can shine, like never before.
Finding the meaning of true independence

Oh, let us rise together, hand in hand,
United as one, we will understand,
That independence rings when hearts align,
Liberia's future can be brighter than sunshine.
As we chant together “All hail, Liberia hail.

*About The Author: Danicius Kaihenneh Sengbeh is a journalism, media, and communication professional with over two decades of experience. He lectures Journalism at the University of Liberia. He earned an MSc in Media and Communication Studies at Lund University in Sweden, a BA in Mass Communication at the University of Liberia and Diploma in Journalism from the International School of Journalism. He’s UN Media Fellow and former Secretary General and Assistant Secretary General of the Press Union of Liberia. He also manages Communications at the Liberia Revenue Authority, contributing to domestic resource mobilization for Liberia. WhatsApp +231777586531/[email protected]

Author: Danicius Kaihenneh Sengbeh

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