The "educated" Bozos

Yes... they claim that they are "educated."

"Educated" to have low self-esteem.

"Educated" to self-hate.

"Educated" to self- loath.

"Educated" to have no imaginations.

"Educated" to lack critical thinking.

"Educated" to always self-immolate.

"Educated" to self-destruct.

"Educated" to be paralyzingly gullible.

"Educated" to want to give up their heritage.

"Educated" to give up and demonize their culture.

"Educated" to despise their traditions.

"Educated" to be paragons of vapidity.

"Educated" to be oblivious of their history and themselves.

"Educated" to despise the ways of their fathers.

"Educated" to deride the ways of their mothers.

"Educated" to believe the myths of the Jews.
"Educated" to believe those of the Arabs too.
"Educated" to denigrate those of their ancestors.
"Educated" to buy hook... line... and sinker the ways of their slave masters.

They are mentally calcified.

They are psychologically cinctured.

They wear ties in the ferocious and furnacious Sun just to proof that they are educated.

They are derobed of their identities.

They are derobed of their uniqueness.
In their foolish minds ... those are the insignia of their being "civilized."

Wallowing in ignominous ignorance... they have sunk
far below the lower animals... who still maintain their natural identities.

And  yet they want to be taken seriously. They want to be respected in the comity of nations with serious-minded people.

In fact... and indeed... o to ko sun'yan. Edumare ngbo!

By Remi Oyeyemi

Author: Remi Oyeyemi

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