20.04.2020 Feature Article

Samari Writes.... Unlocking The Partial Lock Down; Is It For Party Or National Interest?

Samari Writes.... Unlocking The Partial Lock Down; Is It For Party Or National Interest?
LISTEN APR 20, 2020

The imposition of the restrictions on movement in certain parts of the country was to bring the community spread of the deadly Coronavirus to an end.

Analysing the ban on movement within certain parts of the country where they were an increase in numbers of positively tested people, was a good idea. But the question is why do you lift the ban when the numbers are going up?

Many Ghanaians were curiously looking at how the president of the Republic of Ghana will handle the upcoming parliamentary and presidential primaries of his own party amidst the lockdown. But the 7th address by the president is an indication that our president (president Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo) places his party activities ahead of the lives of Ghanaians whether through direct or indirect means.

Mr President, we all know very well that your party the, New Patriotic Party (NPP) will be going to the polls to elect parliamentary and presidential candidates, could that be the reason why you were compelled to lift the ban on movement restrictions to enable your party conduct its elections?

We need to get answers to the following questions from the government on its decision of lifting the ban at this crucial moment.

1) Mr President, will you consider enforcing the restrictions on movement after your party primaries or not?

Mr President, is this your decision in the best interest of Ghanaians or your political party? Because we all know that it is unclear to impose a ban when the figures are less and then lift the ban when the figures are now going up.

2) Is it for the Electoral Commission to compile a new voter register or what?

Because the electoral commission seems to value the compilation of new register than the lives of ordinary Ghanaians.

3) Mr President, please what happens to the remaining budgetary allocation of the¢40m for food and water?

I thought the highly hyped and on paper planting for food and jobs could have provided food to many people. Why do you have to allocate such an amount for food?

4) Mr President, per your own speech do you know how to bring back lives now? It is unclear why one will lift a ban when we are recording huge numbers. In one of the president's speeches, he did indicate that we can bring the economy back to life but we do not know how to bring back humans to life.

5) could it also be that the president wants to create a way for the electoral commission to compile a new register?

Compilation of a new register has been the only greatest wish and prayer of the electoral commission and all the members of the New Patriotic Party(NPP). It appears they cherish the new voter register than the lives of Ghanaians. We all heard a council of state member. Hon Sam Okudzeto calling on the EC to start the registration from the areas not affected by the lockdown could it be that the president has listened to him and many others calling for the new voter register?

6) Mr President do we need the IMF loan again?
The IMF and many other loans and monies were meant to help us in these difficult times. And now that people can go about their normal duties what will you take another loan for?

Mr President, are our hospitals well equipped?
I thought the president would have given us an account on how he has been able to equip our hospitals for the fight against COVID-19. Can the president tell us how much we got and how much has been used to fighting COVID-19 from the fund he instituted?

God is watching us all whether New or old register the winner is winning. Do not risk the lives of Ghanaians for your selfish interest.

Than you, I remain a citizen and not a spectator.
Samari Samson Eliasu

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