13.04.2020 Feature Article

The Hard Truth

The Hard Truth
LISTEN APR 13, 2020

After this Coronavirus outbreak, the last thing some of us want to hear is: come and buy; anointing oil, stickers, “abura mu nsuo”, no more come and sow seed … now is the time the world seeks these miracles and redemptive stunts but sadly the so-called powerful / anointed men of God ” have all taken a refuge hiding in the darks leaving doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab specialists, etc at the mercy of this deadly COVID19 pandemic…..

Now you will understand that most of these “supposed men of God” and their churches you see around, not all though, have become a revolutionised sanctuary for robbery …..where the poor, the unwise and church bound-hypocrites are robbed at gunpoints without hesitations and with tacit compliance!

My fervent wish is that, If we finally stabilise the situation and restore the health of the people by the Grace of the Wise God! I don’t expect them to come from their hideouts and be asking poor people to sow seeds, buy anointing oil, pay tithes to God because the last time I checked,.God wasn’t hungry and if heaven is paved with gold and diamonds as we are told, then God doesn’t need cedis from desperate paupers sitting in various church auditoriums waiting for the redemptive sign to appear!

If they tell to you pay to God, tell them to you prefer to pay to him directly: stop paying monies to your super-rich pastor and their families who continue to live like queens and kings, driving in latest Mercedes reserved for the affluent few, they feed their dogs better foods than what you eat on your birthdays, they live in mansions and send their kids abroad to live good at your expense while you keep shouting hallelujah choruses out of pure frustration, hunger, and desperation!

Verily verily I say unto, there are genuine men of God doing amazing jobs to help others but also many are no messengers of God, some do not even qualify to be called charlatans, they are just hungry thieves trying to survive by preying on the gullible and weak minds using the fear factor as their TrumpCards!

People, don’t get me wrong, I believe in God just like you do! I pray to same God just like you but I want to you to understand that life on this planet called Earth is a hustle and a struggle and God knows that…. the reason the good God wants to see you working for your own redemption and surely He will come to your aid, cus that’s what God does, He helps! but first, you must be ready to help yourself…!!

Let me borrow Ghana’s COVID19 situation, I remember when we recorded 2 confirmed cases of Coronavirus with no death, the entire nation was thrown into silence: we prayed and fasted: and sadly the result of that is 566 cases with 8 deaths we’ve currently recorded! You may struggle to accept this ugly truth but that is the result of your fasting and prayers. bad ..isn’t it ? ! Telling you that we can’t solve everything with just Prayers; without a reasonable action plan; you will fail badly!

I’m telling you today that, God is not a ” pro bono or freebie God” he’s a God with a deep sense of purpose and he doesn’t help or come to the aid of purposeless people, doesn’t matter how serious the situation may be like!

So until we rise and begin to reason as a nation, we risk perishing at the hands of our own stupidity, instead of building hospitals and other basic infrastructures to sustain human life, a poor nation like ours is prioritising a Cathedral which has no use apart from assembling lazy minded to come and shout at the time God is busily helping other nations to triumph in Nanotechnology and in medicine…

My humble question is; what is the use of Cathedral in times like this when in Italy my own beloved St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican is hit by desolation while the Pope hides to avoid COVID19 death ! ….. #BE_Inspired_Series

Be wise Be Brave and #BE_Inspired, I’m Ivan Kyei Innocent,.I preach wisdom and commonsense! I’m no cynic! #HardTruth!

Ivan Kyei Innocent/[email protected]

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