Yentik Gariba Writes: What A Choicelessness Condition In This Country!

Feature Article Yentik Gariba Writes: What A Choicelessness Condition In This Country!
JAN 25, 2020 LISTEN

The state of systemic robbery, frequent murders and kidnappings in our society today are nothing but a reflection of a state of choicelessness on the part of the youth in this country. These last choices are seen by many unemployed and the disgruntled youth as the ultimate if they must live and not only exist. These are latent functions of gargantuan mismanagement of state resources to benefit the wicked few. Time has come for us to stop being "patriotic", and be real patriots to salvage this nation from absurd collapse. Public opinion is no longer seen under this regime as an institution that must be incorporated into our governance system just because of safeguarding the parochial good of the few haves. We need to rise up to oppose gargantuan opulence and abuse of power, and blatant disregard for public opinion. This attitude on the part of government is a recipe for chaos!

The manipulation of the EC by the Government to go ahead to implement the new voter registration exercise which is contrary to public outbursts, a clear case of utter disregard for public opinion in this country. This is a clear signal of a government that's deep prepared to derail the democratic gains we have made as a nation for the past few decades to please self-centered few. All CSOs and the international communities need to intervene to bring this government back to its senses and respect the rule of law.

Thank you, my cherished listeners.
Thank you!
I am a CITIZEN, by Nana Addo's definition, not an observer.

Yentik Gariba,
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