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27.12.2019 Opinion

The Intolerance Of NDC Is Stinking

By Matin Abdallah || UG-TESCON President
The Intolerance Of NDC Is Stinking
LISTEN DEC 27, 2019

As a political grouping birthed out of the barrel of the gun and can be justifiably labeled as a leftover of Ghana’s dark ages of bloody revolution, one would have thought that the yuletide season would have been an invitation for the NDC to seek the face of God for pacification and mercy for the inexplicable abductions, inexcusable killings and captivity that took place from 1979 through to 1992 when NDC military cadres took hostage of the system.

But far from that, the NDC, like the leopard who can never wash off its spots, is not ready to purge itself off this bitter history. The intolerance and revolutionary tendencies of the NDC have stuck up their heads once more when the members of the NDC heavily descended, verbally abused and threatened a stage comedian, OB Amponsah, for performing a joke about the name ‘Mahama’ at Decemba2Rememba 2019, held at the Fantasy Dome.

OB, on the night, had made light of many things, including names and meanings as well as the impact of names on people where he mentioned that the name ‘Mahama’ is synonymous with corruption in Hausa. Mahama, a northern localized pronunciation of Mohammed is a name beared by dozens of people.

The comedian did not make the joke specific to John Mahama. Besides, OB Amponsah had on the night of the event stated emphatically that he was joking but the NDC, funny as it is, is claiming exclusive ownership of the joke hence the barrage of attacks and threat of assault with the nearly-beaten Ningo-Prampram MP, Samuel Nartey George, leading the charge. Truly, it is only a stealer who bolts when the word ‘thief’ is mentioned at the market centre.

We are in a country where Tilapia, the popular TV3 cartoonist creates all manner of caricatures to mock the President and other leading members of the NPP. Not even cartoons suggesting the President and the Vice President in sexual conclave with their spouses could attract any amount of tongue-lashing from the members of the NPP against the graphic artist.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) tolerates dissenting views and arts of that nature because that is the recipe for a better democracy and the party prides itself for being the pioneers of liberalism and rule of law.

Members of the NDC must be as tolerant as the NPP have been. Democracy thrives on giving people the opportunity to express themselves. No one should rejoice over what is happening to comedian OB Amponsah because that can drag us back into the memories of the P/NDC repressive revolutions