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10.03.2006 Gossips

NDC MPs ‘Shut’ Rawlings Up

By Crusading Guide
NDC MPs ‘Shut’ Rawlings Up

Credible Information reaching the 'weekend crusading guide' indicate that the eerie silence that has engulfed the office of the former president, Mr. Rawlings stems from a warning issued by a sizeable number of NDC Parliamentarians to him to shut up or risk their resignation from the party.

Unusual of him, Rawlings of late has kept very quiet on national issues that have drawn his party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) onto the streets in the form of demonstrations. The NDC members of Parliament (MPs) recently for two weeks had boycotted Parliament in protest against the discussion and passage of the Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill (ROPAB).

These MPS and few members of other opposition parties had organised demonstrations in Accra on two occasions without Rawlings uttering a word in support of their action or identifying with their course by joining the demonstrations. An NDC MP who confided in this paper and pleaded anonymity said Rawlings' utterances and actions have helped to dwindle the fortunes of the party, such as creating serious divisions in it, culminating in the recent resignations of some heavy weights of the party. They had therefore warned him to keep his mouth shut for them to reorganize the party for it to regain the status that drew hordes of followers to it.

According to him, Rawlings had failed to realise that the NDC had grown 'bigger than him and what he as a father has to do is to advise but not force his will on the party”.

He said a lot of them had disagreed with what happened at the Koforidua Congress but had to wait for the right time to state their case. He said the NDC as a mass party had to be organised along principles that guide such mass organisations, but not left to the whims and caprices of an individual who could die anytime.

Asked whether more NDC MPs would be resigning in the coming days or weeks, following the resignation of Wayo Seini of Tamale Central, the MP said some of the MPs had indicated on the quiet their disapproval of what happened at the Koforidua Congress but they are being talked to, to suspend in the interim, any decisions based on the event. He indicated that should Rawlings ignore their advice and continue to “throw his weight about as if the party is his play thing - we will all leave it for him”.

The MP said so far the ex-President had conducted himself responsibly and had not made any unguarded statements that would have worsen their plight. Meanwhile, Dr. Obed Asamoah, the former Chairman of the NDC who resigned from the party has hit the road with his newly formed party – the Democratic Freedom Party (DFD).