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10.10.2019 Article

Sex For Grades; A Canker To Be Dealt With And An Act Of Unprofessionalism From BBC

By Segbetse kokou
Sex For Grades; A Canker To Be Dealt With And An Act Of Unprofessionalism From BBC
LISTEN OCT 10, 2019

The documentary, Sex for grades, by the Journalist Kiki Modi, premiered few days ago by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is to be applauded for but could have been done better. Sex for grades is a canker in our educational systems worldwide which should be dealt with in a beautiful and professional manner.

To begin with, as a University student, I heard many allegations of sex proposals from lecturers to the students. I also heard of undeserved grades awarded to female students. Male friends of mine have complained about being victimized by lecturers because the former were dating the latter's girlfriends.

Notwithstanding, let's not be quiet about female students who willingly give themselves to lecturers for grades.

Sex for grades has brought so many injustice (to both male and female students) into the educational system and it must be dealt with by the authorities. Many people are suffering silently from this act.

To continue with, I would like to express my sadness in the trending stand, taken by the foreign media likewise BBC to portray and depict Africa as the world of all evil to make us unattractive, useless and valueless. Hence I would like to find out from BBC whether such proposals don’t happen in the European and American Universities? And why do they always target Africa to flaunt their so called fame?

I am strictly not for sex for grades but I would like to say that the documentary premiered by BBC was devoid of concrete evidence to really justify that the Four(4) lecturers captured in the video were culpable for giving grades to the ladies. What actually aggravated the case of one lecturer was the pastoral position he held is his church.

None of the lecturers caught in the video really had sex with the ladies and no grade was eventually awarded.

Ironically, none of the ladies involved in this investigation was a student.

The investigation was not done for a long period of time to really dig out the habit of these targeted lecturers.

Furthermore, the journalist Kiki Mordi said “I was sexually harassed by the lectures in the university” ,“becoming a doctor meant even more to me after I lost my dad from appendicitis in 2002. At nineteen(19), I got into one of the best universities in Nigeria. University was nothing like I imagined, the lecturer began to target me; for two semesters he withheld my exam result and pretended I never sat for exams. With these comments, it would be very nice if the journalist conducted an investigation on the said lecturer who made her dream futile.

From what I saw, I could say that the journalist and her team together with BBC acted in a haste. Upon over hundreds of Universities and over thousands of lecturers in Africa, only two Universities were targeted and only four (4) lecturers were investigated. Hence it’s possible that BBC only had an interest in getting rid of those lecturers in the educational system.

BBC could do better.

To conclude with, I would like to advise the universities concerned to conduct proper investigation into this matter before taking any decision against the lecturers involved.

I would like to urge our outstanding Ghanaian journalists to undertake this investigation in a very professional manner.

Foreign media must stop slighting Africa.

Sex for grades must stop.

Written by: Segbetse kokou

University of Education, Winneba /

Department of French Education (student)



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