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23.02.2006 Diaspora News

Diaspora Vote Committee (DVC) Bogus And A Democratic Fraud

By UK & Ireland Regional Branch Secretary
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Last year, on Saturday October 21, 2005 a thirteen-member delegation of the self-styled Diaspora Vote Committee (DVC) arrived in Ghana from the US, Canada, Europe and Africa to present a face to the national debate on extending the voting franchise to Ghanaians living abroad.

The members who arrived were Alhaji Abass Adamu (NY- Computer Systems Analyst), Kwasi Afrifa (NY- Grant Administrator, Ford Foundation), Amo Adjepong (NY- President, Providence Center for Humanity International), MacDonald Agbenyo (Toronto, Canada- Project Manager and Businessman), Phebe Annan (NY- Executive Assistant), Mike Baffoe (Montreal, Canada- Publisher, Radio Host and Lecturer), Rebecca Bannor (Denmark- UN Journalist), Dr. Agyenim Boateng (Kentucky- Assistant Attorney General, State of Kentucky), Kofi A. Boateng (NY- Chief Operating Officer, The Africa-America Institute and leader of the delegation), Prof. Kwame Frimpong (Botswana- Professor of Law, University of Botswana), Kwabena Manu (NY – Union Representative, Westchester County) and Jermaine Nkrumah (Texas- Businessman and Chairman of African Organizations in Houston – also initiator of DVC).

The only member of DVC from the United Kingdom was Nana Gyebi (United Kingdom- Businessman in Information Technology). He is a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) here in the United Kingdom living in London. Whilst in Ghana he Nana Gyebi did not however tell Ghanaians that he was either representing the views of the NPP UK & Ireland only or perhaps even speaking for Nana Gyebi alone. The other members of the delegation were also silent on the matter of their party affiliation. As a result, they all created, and sought to create, the impression that they represented the national interest abroad.

They even went on to claim as recently as Friday 3rd February 2006 in a press release that they will act and are not alone.

What is more, the leader of DVC Mr. Kofi A. Boateng of [email protected] while seeking to bring elections to the Diaspora, was not himself democratically elected in any organised election in 150 Countries in the world, including the UK, to democratically represent all Ghanaian Diasporan Voters, in furtherance of democratic elections in Ghana, in which he Mr. Kofi A. Boateng and others are seeking to vote in the first place. And no member of DVC or the DVC itself even represents the diverse views of all Nkrumaists even here in London never mind the whole of the UK and Ireland.

The DVC clearly is an undemocratic pro-ROPAB Pressure Group masquerading as a global democratic institution of Diasporan Voters living abroad. The world is more than the US, Canada, Europe and Africa and Ghanaians in the world do not only live in the US, Canada, Europe and Africa.

The CPP UK & Ireland therefore wishes to inform you all that the DIASPORA VOTE COMMITTEE (DVC) is bogus and a democratic fraud and does not democratically speak for all Ghanaians in 150 countries in the world; finally, it does not democratically speak for the members of the CPP UK & Ireland.

Thank you very much.

Signed: Kwami Agbodza, UK & Ireland Regional Branch Secretary