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The Missing Towel

When my towel disappeared on me
The Missing Towel
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It was one of those moments when you get so frustrated about why something is simply not working out. I was late for a function.

I washed down quickly and stormed out of the shower to dress up. Where is my towel? I checked where I normally kept it, but it wasn't there.

I rushed back to the shower, checked around and still couldn't find it. I noticed the shower was dripping and closed it well. So where is my towel?! This time I screamed. It was maddening. I came back to search where I previously looked and obviously, it still wasn't there.

Okay, I will just use one of my shirts to clean myself and look for the towel when I return. I started cleaning myself with the shirt only to look down and see the towel around my waist. Ah! So I wrapped myself with it! I threw the shirt on my bed and continued…

The lessons
This was amazing to me. I checked everywhere for the solution to my problem, when I was supposed to check myself.

It looks like a common human trait is to look elsewhere anytime we are in trouble. We blame others, point fingers and give excuses, and completely rule out the option of checking ourselves.

Sometimes, the problem is with us. In fact, if we are experiencing a frustrating situation for a long time, then almost certainly, we are the problem.

If all your love relationships have all had dead ends, it's probably time to check yourself. Don't just conclude that all (wo)men are the same. Surely, it is possible that all of your partners shared a particular trait, but perhaps, it is something in you that keeps attracting the wrong people. Or maybe, it is something you do that keeps making your partners react to you that same way. Check yourself.

If there is a repeated pattern in your life that people seem to like you at first, but betray you later on, maybe there is something you don't do right. It is on this same planet that some find trustworthy friends. Check yourself.

The list of examples goes on and on. Just make it a rule of thumb that whenever a problem prolongs in your life, or an undesired event recurs in your life, you would check yourself first.

And by the way, the best way to check one's self is to look in a mirror, and the mirror I would recommend is the word of God. If you look in it well, everything that's wrong with you will be revealed.

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As written by Ebenezer Agbey Quist. [To book for TRANSFORMATIONAL SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS or WRITING PROJECTS, contact +233(0)50-136-0650 or [email protected]]

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