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Getting The Ghanaian To Change The Attitude, How To Get It Right

Getting The Ghanaian To Change The Attitude, How To Get It Right
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In recent times, I have read with key interest with the call for Ghanaian to change their attitude in order to get us to the promised land. The call for an attitudinal change may be a good call looking at the situation we find ourselves in as a people.

However, attitude just like culture is not easy to change and therefore we must begin to look at the issue from a different angle. I want to challenge those calling for the Ghanaian to change the attitude, to define that future state where we want the Ghanaian to change the attitude too. We must create a foundation that will force the Ghanaian to change the attitude whether the person likes or not.

When you say you don't want people to throw garbage on the street. Make sure there are enough garbage bins in every house to sort their waste. We must also make sure there is a clear plan to pick the garbage from various homes, communities and areas where the garbage is kept. Create a sense of ownership and let the people own the sorting and bringing the garbage to the collection point.

Again, when you say you want people to work hard when they come to work. Then clearly define every job role and define what the person must do every hour in that role and roles not needed must be removed. Do not say people need money so we must keep them in an office where there is nothing for them to do. You destroy their talent when you keep them under such condition. When you say you want people to stop corruption? Then create efficient processes and laws that closes all loopholes that allowed people to be corrupt. Remove all corrupt processes and replace them with a better way of doing things.

Break the police service apart if the national police system is not working and create regional police system where we will have regional police chiefs who directly report to the regional minister of each region and let the central government continue to own BNI and other security agencies that may expand if there is the need for it. We must punish those who do not obey the rules of the game, and that means having an efficient police service that can respond to the needs of the people and the communities in which they serve.

This article is written by Prince Akyereko, Akyereko is Senior Business Systems Analyst with TD Bank Group and NPP Canada Youth Organizer

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