16.10.2020 Feature Article

Letter To My Constituents

Letter To My Constituents
16.10.2020 LISTEN

Dear One,

Before I begin, let me take a minute to recognize the hard work you and your family have embraced over the years to make sure that your community, constituency and country succeed. It can never be underestimated. I see the challenges you face everyday in your life. Working from morning to evening, everyday, every week, every month and every year. The sacrifices you make to make sure food is on table. To make sure young ones could go to school and achieve their dreams and aspirations. I see all and these can not be forgotten. It is because of this hard work that your community continues to thrive and do well though we are in challenging times.

Challenging Times

Last year December, I had visited you and promised to be with you frequently. Everything was going on well. The world economic climate looks good and stocks markets continue to rally positive numbers most of the time. People investments into the future were yielding great results until something does not plan to hit the world. That is coronavirus. It has impacted economics, communities, families, religion and so many others negatively. It has brought economic hardships and untold reality of poverty to so many families. The challenges this pandemic have brought are enormous. I do not know what you are going through and your peculiar challenges you face in your life as you navigate your way in these difficult times. But one thing, I want to assure you is that you are not alone in this boat. It is a global challenge and we are in this together. The world bank has estimated that coronavirus has sent millions of people, families into poverty. Decades of progress, working hard with communities across the world to create wealth and remove poverty has been reversed as a result of coronavirus, according to the World Bank. The World Bank also says this pandemic has been one of the worse setbacks in this generation in our match to remove poverty from so many communities around the world.

How the future will look like

I do not how the future will look like in the near term, but one is certain that coronavirus has come to change so many things in our life. Here in Ghana, the virus has forced government to invest in healthcare and create environment where healthcare is prioritized as one of the most important things in our life. If all the policies the government has put together materialize as they are currently building one hundred and eleven hospitals in various parts of the country. That is great news and positive for people of Ghana. Thank you to the President for this great initiative.

For the first time in our life time, we see Veronica buckets in most public places full of water and soap where we can wash our hands and stop spread of other diseases as well. The advocacy the government has embarked on to make sure that people follow safety protocols is amazing and that has helped to curb the spread of the virus and other communicable diseases into various communities. People continue to wash their hands, use hand sanitizers, wear masks, practice social distancing and adhere to health protocol. Thank you for your corporation and your corporation has saved millions of lives.

Second Wave

The second wave is on the way and those in Europe have been hit hard once again. Various Governments are struggling to roll back the gains in the economy and shut down the economy once again like what happened in March 2020. The United States of America has recorded more than 218,000 deaths. That is so humbling to see such number of deaths in one of the biggest economies of the world today. Here, in Ghana, I know you will continue to adhere to safety protocols and protect your life, family members and your community so that our hospitals and healthcare system is not so overwhelmed like some countries are currently gripping with.

I can not conclude this article without recognizing the great work all of you have done to support the government in the fight against this pandemic and what you continue to do everyday. I know good times will come back again, where you will be able to attend any gathering you want. Attend any activity and meet friends again. Organize parties in your neighbourhood once again and burn the midnight candle to attend your favourite night club and embrace everyone you meet on the street again. Attend church without any restrictions and gather anywhere you want again. But now is time for reflection and work hard to get to the end of the pandemic.

This article is written by Prince Akyereko.

Prince Akyereko is Senior Business Systems Analyst with TD Bank Group and NPP Canada Youth Organizer.


Prince, Toronto

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