09.06.2019 General News

SRC President Donates Chairs And Bins To PUC

By Brenda Osei Karikari
SRC President Donates Chairs And Bins To PUC
LISTEN JUN 9, 2019

The outgoing President of Pentecost University College, Alswel Annan has fulfilled the long term promise to provide the school with garden benches and Dustbins.

Alswel Annan, in the name of the SRC, presented 10 garden benches and 8 big Dustbins to be placed at vantage points in the school.

The items donated were to enable the students conveniently take relaxation on campus and to also keep the school and it’s environment clean.

The Rector of the school, Apostle Dr. Daniel Walker was present at the dedication as well as some members of management.

The Rector, on behalf of management, expressed a lot of gratitude to the SRC president for the thoughtful gesture.

He added that the gesture will breed a sense of community living and be able to share ideas

"These things will offer a learning environment where students are encouraged to share ideas and talk positively", he said in reference to the garden benches.

Apostle Dr. Walker added that the garden benches were timely as the ones in use are old and rusty.

The Rector added that the incoming administration should emulate the gesture.

Speaking to the press, the Alswel Annan stated that the student body should maintain the items so that they can be in good shape for posterity.

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