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04.06.2019 General News

Culture Of Entitlement To Blame For Poor Service In Public Sector 

By J. N. Halm
Culture Of Entitlement To Blame For Poor Service In Public Sector 

Renowned customer service consultant, J. N. Halm has argued out against the popular notion that public sector workers give poor customer service because of low salaries and poor conditions of service.

Mr. Halm stated the pervasive culture of entitlement is to be blamed for the quality of service seen in public sector institutions.

He further explained that many public sector workers have a notion that they are entitled to their jobs so there is no way they are going to lose these jobs.

He said the culture of entitlement is what leads to the attitude of complacency that runs amok along the corridors of public sector organisations, resulting in the numerous stories of poor customer service around.

Mr. Halm enumerated a number of steps he believed had to be taken to ensure that customer experience is placed at the heart of Ghana’s public sector.

The acclaimed author of “CUSTOMER ROMANCE” was speaking at the National Customer Service Stakeholders Conference held at Cleaver House, Friday, 30th May, 2019.

Other speakers at the event include Yvonne Ohui MacCarthy, President of the Institute of Customer Service Professionals (ICSP) and Mr. Preprah Berko Agyeman, who represented Berock Ventures.

The event was organised by Mr. Hector Wulff, the Convener of the Customer Service Professionals Network-Ghana.