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30.05.2019 General News

Ahanta Chief Fumes Over Delayed Investigations On Charles Bissue

......Our Son Was Naked In Public, We Can't Contain The Insults Anymore
By Shella Morcher
Ahanta Chief Fumes Over Delayed Investigations On Charles Bissue

The Paramount Chief of Upper Dixcove Traditional Area in the Ahanta West Municipality of the Western Region, Obrempon Hema Dekyi, has expressed worry about the slow pace of investigations in allegations leveled against the Secretary to the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining, Mr. Charles Bissue.

He found it baffling that two bodies are investigating embattled Charles Bissue for the same alleged misconduct yet, at snail's pace.

Mr Bissue, who was the secretary to the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining (IMCIM), was caught in an undercover documentary accepting cash gifts to allow an unlicensed mining company to operate.

He has stepped aside to allow the authorities to probe the exposé, which captured fraud in the small-scale mining sector.

Speaking on behalf of Ahanta Chiefs during a visit of the Western Region Minister, Kobby Okyere Darko–Mensah at his palace, the Omanhen stated that the Chiefs of Ahanta are not happy with the pace at which the investigation is being carried out.

“Nananom of Ahanta and the Western Region, we are not happy at the pace at which this investigation is going. In fact, we must know where it has gotten to.

“The two bodies the CID and Special Prosecutor who are investigating Charles Bissue for the alleged misconduct should speed up because 'Justice delay is Justice denied,' ” Obrempong stated.

He continued, “Our son has become naked in front of the public and the whole world. We can't contain the insults anymore. He is our Hero, the only person we look at.”

According to him, since this issue popped out, the Ankobrah River which became clean sometime ago due to the hard work of our son is gradually coming back to its old state.

Obrempon Hema Dekyi stated that “we want to stress that Nananom will never condone any wrongdoing on the part of anyone. He [Charles Bissue] is our son and if he disgraces himself, definitely he has disgraced us and therefore we will not hesitate to punish him accordingly. In the same spirit, if he has done nothing wrong we don’t see why we should not support him”.

He continued that the only person who benefited from President Akufo Addo’s appointment was Charles Bissue as a Presidential Staffer so the alleged video should not prevent him from serving at the Presidency.