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16.05.2019 Rejoinder

RE: NDC Fires Regional Communication Officer Over Fraud

By Kwesi Dawood
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I have received, with dismay, a correspondence from the Central Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress informing me of my suspension from office as the Central Regional Communication Officer of the party. It must be put on record that, the content of the letter does not, in anyway, explicitly indite me of any wrongdoing. As it stands now, details of my 'Anti-party conducts' as communicated to me via the letter are unknown to me.

It is therefore surprising to note news publication tagging my hard earned reputable personality with 'fraudulent related activities' which has been sourced from . For the avoidance of doubt, the suspension has nothing to do with fraud or theft or dishonesty, nor anything relating to it, as such, such news must be disregarded and treated with the contempt it deserves as I take steps to meet the Disciplinary committee.

It is instructive to point out that the founding editor of mynewsghana has apologised to me for the grave injustice and taken the said injurious article down. Surely, as we fight for a strong sense of Press Freedom to enhance our democratic principles and values as a country, it will be prudent to remind our some of our gallant media men and women to exercise constraints and ensure high sense of professionalism in the course of discharging their duties as members of the fourth estate of realm.

I cease this opportunity once again to call on well-meaning Ghanaians to disregard these publications that seek to tarnish my image. I am yet to be briefed on my charges in order for me to respond accordingly. Until then I remain resolute and have been urging all and sundry, especially my Constituency Communication Officers & their Deputies, CR NDC Communicators, Constituency Executives, BCOs, media monitors/serial callers, Former constituency Executives, colleague RCOs, my Family, sympathizers and loved ones, to disregard these unwarranted publications in the media space. I will adhere to the directives of the Regional Chairman and in due time, trust me, I shall respond when the accordingly.

Once again, I plead with all loyal party functionaries, activists, communicators etc to remain calm, focus on the work and not be carried away nor be down spirited as a result of the falsehood that is being circulated in the media about me or the suspension. Our focus should be on ensuring the fruition of the party's Victory 2020 agenda. I have the firm belief that I would have my day with the Regional Disciplinary committee where I will be given a fair hearing for my exoneration.

For now, the agenda remains 'Party First.' #NyameTseAse! Thank you Kwesi Dawood

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