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12.05.2019 Article

Ask John Benjamin: Can Atheists Meet Their Own Standards?

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MAY 12, 2019 ARTICLE

I find it interesting that Jon Benjamin adds a few words to his regular Sunday Religious Thought.

He writes, ‘the onus is on those making extraordinary claims to provide extraordinary proof for them, not on those who are skeptical to disprove them.’ This supports the quote he posted by Annie Besant, which says, “the atheist waits for proof of God. Till that proof comes, he remains, as his name implies, without God. His mind is open to every new truth, after it has passed the warder Reason at the gate.”

Did you catch it?
Why is the atheist, according to Annie Besant, open to every new truth after it has passed the warder Reason at the gate?

Should the truth pass the warder Reason at the gate?

If that becomes of truth, then atheism cannot pass. Atheists should tell me how they passed the warder Reason at the gate with their worldview because I don't see how their view bypassed it. My mind is open to every new truth about atheism after it has passed the warder Reason at the gate.

I find many atheists setting standards their own worldview cannot meet. The standard of a Christian, however, is Jesus Christ and he's has empowered us with the Holy Spirit to meet his standards.

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