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Analysing The Political Promises; The Grace And Disgrace

Analysing The Political Promises; The Grace And Disgrace
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Most politicians depend on wicked lies and propaganda to get votes, some go extra mile to shed blood to attain political power, and to some, violence is a remedy for victory in every election. We have had a number of politicians who say that violence is vital to their political successes after “moderately” and “gargantuanly” lying. Such despicable utterances are made in camera to party faithfuls but denied in open dialogue. Mind you, lying is not a “job requirement” for being a politician, neither is it a ladder for recognition in our governance system. In politics, lies can be motivating but factually embarrassing in the long-run when not handled in the best of time.

I side with the respected Plato against the perception held by many that politics is a dirty game. As Plato rightly said; “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”. To this effect, the basic role of every politician is to deal with issues with the resultant effect of improving the economic, financial and military strength of the country. Economic developments of all the sections of the society must be the aim and aspiration of all politicians. Issues relative to social or public-welfare schemes such as food, education for all and other pressing needs that society cannot do without, must be prioritised within the shortest possible time.

In this modern world driven by democracy and rule of law, politicians are best described as influential gatekeepers who put forward the aspirations of the people of the country. It is the duty of all politicians to clean the country from filth, corruption and nepotism. They need to work to bring communal harmony and not communal segregation. At this time in our history where lawmakers who should have been holding the standards of governance as enshrined in the 1992 Constitution rather lead the charge to violating same, what better society can we build from this attitude!

We have seen videos and footages where security personnels gravely assaulting citizens just to please the current political governors. We have seen such instances both in the 2016 elections and still seeing same in this current year. What better service(s) could the Ghana Police Service and Military provide the good people of Ghana? What better institutions could we ever have that wouldn’t succumb to the dictates of politicians? Could we ever have a system that wouldn’t use state apparatus to assault and malign citizens who appear contrary to government’s views on major issues?


Most government appointees have not proven otherwise, and since politics as positioned men and women in such official apparatuses- it seems logical to conclude so. Political appointees have been bedevilled and inhibit their conscience to gain political mileage, this is a trend in our world today- now often considered a norm. Most politicians have lost their moral value to affluence that comes with power and materialism. It is a bane that has survived long in our political arena.

Interestingly, we live in a political environment where people believe what they hear a lot, most of the time people are not bothered to dig deeper, they are most busy on Facebook and WhatsApp reading fake news and propaganda.

We live in a political environment where Party “A” gives you a gargantuan load of political promises and as well goes to give assurances backed by “convincing data” or “sign post “. In the course of accepting to such political promises and willing to cast your vote in favour of same, a citizen outlooks the probability of fulfillment, a citizen outlooks the nature of political environment that warrants Party “A” to give such “beautiful promise”. A citizen only sees the political capital that comes with such a promise should Party “A” wins the election. This is where the troubles of a citizen begins. A friend once told me that he can spot NDC lies a mile off but cannot always spot the lies of NPP. This tells us what such a person could face when he or she accepts all the promises of a party unspotted and only to be dumped by wild excuses.

And we live in an environment being totally polarised in no uncertain measure. Signs are that you would be needing the approval of a “big politician” to be allowed to board a bus with your own money... Hahahaaaaa...this appears laughable but our political environment hints so of impending doom.

The grace of this political environment is that, you happen to chat with them in opposition, dine with them and run political and social errands. People see you as someone who has “no problem” because you are favourably connected in someway. Connected indeed! Your boss introduces you to people and then direct that all informal and formal communiques be channelled through you. He or she ask that you remind him or her, from time-to-time, on event A, B, C and Z as he cannot keep track of them. There “nooooor” the public sees you as someone whom they could direct their problems through. In this case, the public sees PURE GRACE in you. Some would say without mincing words that “You have really found grace”.

However, upon resumption of office, the drums begin to change from what it used to be. The grace showered on you during your opposition days is now a DISGRACE to its peak. The public or those who used to channel their grievances through you now sees you as a threat to their political success in life. They see you as someone who intentionally refuses to channel their grievances to the “big man” as done in opposition. THEY THOUGHT THE GOOD OLD OPPOSITION DAYS is the same as today. At this stage of your political carrier, DISGRACE has found you but is only known to you and you alone! This is an exact situational nemesis that most card bearing members of political parties face in this modern democratic dispensation.


One need not be surprised of these happenings because there are no rules to ensure parity or fair play in politics. It is not a game of chess played in an air-conditioned and silent atmosphere. It is a mixture of many games including kick boxing, shadow fighting, hide and seek, gorilla war, shoot and scoot, rope walking, gymnastics, pole vaulting and many more. What rules could hold good in this case?

Where there is no parity and fair play, the game could only be dirty.

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