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Oct 21, 2018 | Poem

A life of vanity

By Ahmed Yakubu Fatogma

I watch the multitude and I'm grieved.
Too much pride
Disrespect and hypocrisy
In the end
What do we take along?

I drown my eyes in the dark
In the old space do I appear in the presence of light?
But things only get worse
Everyone seem to be self-absorbed
A pledge of self and self only
Abundant beans but hungry beings
The irony is cataclysmic
Greedy beings
Too much injustice
Miscarriage of justice here and there
But in the end
Who becomes liable?

Too much greed and arrogance
Slander and libel flooding every enterprise
Never content with anointed cheese
Smearing insults and raining violence
In the quest for money and butter
For the fame
Causing our homes to shutter
And making our mothers scatter
To our own detriment do we play this game
But in the end
Will you be better or bitter?

Buttering our side of the bread is not a crime.
But the thought that we deserve it better makes us wicked.
All for one
Little to nothing for everyone
But in the end
Will having all of it guarantee longevity?

Eyes bulging out of its socket
Grasping the best of sights
And wishing others wallow in the darkest of nights
In the end
What do you gain?

Perpetuating discord
Dividing the house against one another
Craving for power and authority
And inciting our future to chaos
Making our hearts leap
Like squirrels in rain
In the end
Does power resurrect the long sleep?

With a devilish smile
Feigned to deceive
Changing shells and throwing arrows
To rip us apart in the road so narrow
In the end
What glory perfects your story?

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