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19.10.2005 Crime & Punishment

How Sir Jonah’s son was busted

By The Insight
How Sir Jonah’s son was busted
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The United States Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has given details of how its operatives busted Andrew E. Jonah, son of Ghana's gold magnate, Sam Jonah KBE, and eight others for alleged drug related offences. In indictment papers filed at an Atlanta Court, prosecutors claimed that Federal agents had watched the goings and comings of Jonah and his alleged accomplices for about two years. The report published by “The Insight” a Ghanaian private newspaper says the agents have even visited Ghana while young Jonah, also known as “Rain” and “Busy” was home visiting. The agents were also able to identify properties which were allegedly used in the commission of crime(s). The nine accused persons are charged with conspiring to possess and or distribute a controlled substance, importing heroin into the United States and transferring funds to facilitate drug trafficking offence in violation of Titles 21 and 18, United States code, section(s) 846, 841, 963, 960 and 1956. Others charged with Jonah are Kwame M. Amoo otherwise known as “Moakes”, Nana Amoo, Audre Anael Kuridjan, Prosper Senyo, Fed Richardson, Rico Wilson and John Sios. The accused persons pleaded not guilty when they were put before the court. The court refused to grant them bail on condition that there was a serious risk that the accused would flee and on the grounds of the safety of other persons and the community. If convicted, the Narcotics Control Board in Ghana will be required by law to seize all properties in Ghana which would be proven to have been used in committing the alleged crimes.

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