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Opinion | Sep 12, 2018

An Open Letter To The Economic Prophet, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

By Anass Hamza Assadullah
Vice President Bawumia
Vice President Bawumia

Your Excellency, the Vice President of the the Republic of Ghana, kindly accept greetings from your innocent citizen, Citizen Anass Hamza Assadullah, from the East Mamprusi Municipality, in the mamprugu land where you come from. It took me serial publications to recap your political and economic competency.

Your Excellency, it has been a while we heard from you talk about our wobbling economic situation, your loud silence astounded some of us who in one way or the other have been following you since the genesis of your political risky venture. There is a loud saying that "when a bird makes so much noise and suddenly runs into hiding, the other birds absolutely presume it is killed by a hunter". An active, crafty, political philanthropist and an economic prophet like you should not be too silent on the pressing national issues that baffles the innocent citizenry, begging for your attention. At least, we have been told that you are the finest economic brain this country has ever had. What an irony!

Your Excellency, without equivocation, I hold the strongest conviction that your loud silence is precipitated by the avoidable of shame you would have brought on yourself and the entire Mamprugu at large having failed the consistency, lost integrity and failed credibility test. Many including I, Anass Hamza Assadullah, saw these days of shame coming on you when you were gallivanting all over the country parroting like a hungry bird in the desert, running from one university to another through your so called economic lectures, preaching paper economics, cunningly and mischievously interpreting theories from Economics and describing same as competence and that whoever does not think your way is considered ignorant and cannot read. Hmmmm! Today, what can you say about the fundamentals?

Your Excellency, many of your presentations you made during your days in opposition, there was a phrase that attracted me so much, "weak economic fundamentals". At that time, you refused to appreciate the fact that the escalating import bills of a developing economy like our country, Ghana had serious microeconomic repercussions on the economy. You should have known better Mr. Veep, as brilliant as you are, you did not know that we needed to expand local production, consume more of it and export more as I used my SHS Economics to identify this trend. At that time you pretended over the fact that, we needed to add value to our primary goods before we export, so as to influence and capture a commanding height in the world market. The previous NDC government was doing just that for the future prospects of the economy. In your lame contention, you insisted that because the result was not immediate it amounted to incompetent management of the economy. That was too prosy on your part but I don't blame you much because you were extremely desperate to test political Power.

Your excellency, through your consistent cacophony about the economy, you made substantial political capital for your party. Many unsuspecting Ghanaians bought your lies,. mischievous analyses and many times, conspicuous fabrications. You were simply a doom monger who was misled by your paymaster who never found anything positive about the economy. Thankfully or may I say regrettably as your boss demanded to be tried, the innocent citizens gave you the mandate to try your competency. It has been almost two years now. How far with the economy?. Why is the cedi palpitating like somebody suffering from epilepsy?. Are we correct to call you a shameless incompetent vice president? Ghana's economic management is beyond reading old economic notes and churning on your mischievous conclusions. You have eventually collapsed our public and private sectors which is indisputable. Our financial institutions are collapsing, thousands of the innocent citizens are rendered jobless by your "competent management of the economy" and they are coming home to join the walloping number of youth who remain jobless. Nurses, university graduates and the rest.

Your Excellency, the manifestation of these unthinkable acts is too obvious. Can you realize that there is rampant increasing level of stealing, armed robbery, prostitution and other social vices?

Your Excellency, while the previous NDC government was mechanising agriculture, building hospitals and polyclinics, expanding and constructing roads, constructing and expanding airports, building markets, building and revamping factories, cutting down imports and protecting local industries, you saw that as incompetent management of the economy. I would have no misgivings with your paymaster if he had made such porous and jaundice economic analysis but certainly not, you who carry a global academic accolade of economics. You were rather desperate for power. I was in one way or the other happy that the NPP came into power with you being the head of the Economic Management Team.

Your Excellency, please do not hide in your office enjoying goodies from the public purse, remember that, "a hidden mouse can't hide forever, it will certainly come out after the food it gathered into its abode is exhausted" kindly come out and see the sufferings of your innocent citizenry, see how drivers are crying endlessly, see the unprecedented bloating of fuel prices in the market, see the hardship your leadership has brought to the country. Ghana is bleeding profusely and we deserve better. I hope to hear from you after you come across these local language from your innocent citizen.

Thank you.
Anass Hamza Assadullah
0242132077 /0208561931
Nalerigu /Gambaga constituency.
Communication Team Member.

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