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March 14, 2018 | Business Business & Finance

MTN Teams Up With Google For International Payments To Ghana

Joseph Appiah-Dolphyne | JoyBusiness
MTN Teams Up With Google For International Payments To Ghana

Users of MTN’s mobile money can now use it to pay for any transaction across the world through the Google platform, according to Ebenezer Asante the Vice President of Southern and East Africa for MTN, and Chief Executive Officer of MTN Ghana.

Mr Asante said, “we know credit card is a limitation so how do we ensure that we can remove that barrier from the majority of our customers who are also entitled to the use of these digital services and digital platforms”

“…and that is what motivated the partnership that today we have with Google that our customers can also have access to all these educational materials by paying through mobile money,” he told JoyBusiness in an interview.

This should mean that with some significant amount of money in your wallet, you can now pay for all your movie or music downloads from your phone.

Another service has also been added, now allows users to receive remittances from some parts of the world.

“we have that service with a couple of global partners and that service would be extended very soon to other major international remittance operators before the end of this year.”

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Financial performance
MTN Ghana announced 24 percent increase in its 2017 performance. The figure translates into 3.4 billion cedis.

The telecoms giant disclosed that it paid about one billion Ghana cedis in taxes to the government, representing about 3 percent of the total tax collected in 2017.

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MTN Ghana is working towards listing on the local bourse as part of the conditions under which it secured the 4G license in 2015.

Earlier, CEO of MTN Ghana, Mr Ebenezer Asante, explained the move to sell part of the company’s shares to Ghanaians is part of the localization that came with the 4G license.

“It’s very clear from the license that 35% of MTN should be moved into Ghanaian hands and since we required the license we have engaged the regulators both in the NCA as well as the Central Bank and also with the Securities and Exchange Commission,” he said.

He said although there were still a few issues that needed to be resolved, he was hopeful they should be cleared soon to enable listing on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

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