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Opinion | Feb 27, 2018

Strengthening Our Institutions

Ekow Paintsil Djan
The Author
The Author

Ghanaians are quick to blame the 'Government' for whatsoever challenge they are facing. They tend to shift their burdens, misfortunes, unluckiness, etc. to the 'government'. In Ghana, the 'government' is responsible for everything - their successes, failures, jobs, schools, and many more.

We find ourselves in different institutions, fields, departments etc. but the fact remains that we find it difficult to account for whatsoever positive input we have made in our area of operations.

The driver of the vehicle is a strong machinery that can lead us safely to our destinations or better still lead us into accident. Our safety is in a way in the hands of the driver but that notwithstanding, I strongly believe that the passengers have a greater role to play.

Our problem is not about change of government but change of attitude. I know it will be very difficult for us to accept that our attitudes are bad but that is the hard truth we must think through to work on.

People portray all kinds of unacceptable behaviors at their work places which may lead to low productivity.

Institutions are actually not working as expected of them. They may have their own reasons such as inadequate funds, political influence, backstabbing etc. But it will still boil down to the fact that institutions are not working hence low productivity which will in turn generate funds for them to work. Our burdens have been shifted to politicians hence they feel they have control over every sector of the economy. Co-workers are stabbing at each other. They do not want one to move forward. They do not want to their colleague to climb higher to be their boss. Respect for each other at the work place is very limited.

Workers are punctual, filled with the spirit of laziness and ultimately sipping money from the institution and other private individuals.

We are doing no good than harm. We are killing ourselves. We are digging our own grave. The country has no future with this kind of lackadaisical attitude.

This is something we all do at our work places. Collecting 'petty petty' monies is normal. Lateness is normal. Not being punctual is normal. Directing funds into our personal accounts is normal. Considering family and friends before employment is normal. Backstabbing is normal. Sleeping at work place is normal. Treating customers like rag is normal.

Agreeably, everything is normal. Myself I know it is not good. You reading this know it is not good. We all know it is jot good. But we do it. Don't we?

So what is the way forward? Most institutions were instituted based on a Act of Parliament, the 1992 constitution, others by Executive Instrument. They are regulated by law. In view of this citizens of Ghana must ensure that every institution works in accordance of the law. A very careful reading of the laws that regulate our institutions will inform you that they were built on strong foundations.

Attitudinal change is needed here. Law enforcing bodies must be proactive and work hard.

But who actually enforces the law? Who checks the law enforcer?

It is you, it is me, it is the institution, it is the government, it is us.

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