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Press Release | Dec 14, 2017

NUGS To Hold National Dialogue On Graduate Unemployment

NUGS Press and Information Secretary Office
Frank Amoakohene, NUGS President
Frank Amoakohene, NUGS President

In Africa, the youth accounts for 60 percent of all African unemployment (World Bank archives). Almost 11 million of graduates churned out of the over 668 Universities in Africa yearly do not get jobs (British Council Kenya, 2016). And Ghana contributes substantially to these numbers, in many ways.

The latest Ghana Labour Force Survey Report by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) estimates Graduate Unemployment rate at 11.5 per cent (in 2015) ; a rise in about 6 per cent since 2012 | 2013 . However, The Graduate Unemployment Association a year ago contested this figure arguing that available statistics points to a substantial increase to about 24 to 28 percent. They ascribed this to the droves of students graduating every year.

Cleary, the percent of GUR in Ghana is galloping and perhaps becoming subjective depending on where one stands. However to the Unemployed, no amount of rhetorical statistics, empty projections and political promises can bring money into their pockets after school neither would these equip them for global competition. After all these stats, it is the Ghanaian undergraduate and the graduated who bear the most brunt.

In discussing the causes and effect of unemployment, one appreciates the many multidisciplinary schools of thoughts and views on the subject. The Institute of Statistics, Social and Economic Research) ISSER adds to the findings with the claim that it may take up to 10 years for a large number of graduates to secure employment due to varied challenges that ranged from the lack of employable skills, unavailability of funding capital for entrepreneurship, poor attitudes of graduates towards job opportunities, as well as the low capacities of industry to absorb the huge numbers” ( citifmonline, 2017)

But how reflective are these findings. How representative are they and how daring perhaps daunting have they become that the situation is not improving by the years? Are the right parties who fall victims of GU (graduates and undergraduates in our various Universities) speaking on the issue. If they are, how are sector players and government implementing these measures? We recall that on farmers Day, just us we called on the youth of this country to venture Agribusinesses to Escape Unemployment, …………government and many other civil societies and industry analysts took similar posture calling for more investments into the Agric sector. But what becomes of these encouragements after all is said?

The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) having apprised itself with this national challenge would wishes to go beyond the rhetoric this year even as government, the Ministry and sector players seek to confront the youth of this country.

Chief of the issues includ some 8000 Nurses still at home not posted, Some 2000 School of Hygiene Graduates not posted, Over 2000 Allied Health Professionals Unemployed, over 400 Medical Doctors home without jobs, and over 50,000 Graduates without Jobs.

Students of this country agree with the school of thought that Education is wholistic and hence regardless the numbers churned out every year, they should been (1) better positioned by the education system to (2) be absorbed by into job market less than a year. It is therefore the roles of government, industries and enterprises, ppps, and other sector players to ensure that the youth get ready job market else this country stands to waste the talents and acquired skills of the youth.

The Coalitions of different Unemployed continue to grow in sizes year after year refusing to go extinct. Nothing substantial has changed in the economic lives of these jobless graduates. Same could be said of the undergraduate who is worried about his future after school. Ironically, the trauma of having to complete school without job is one discouraging feeling that kills the same innovation and drive that we preach to the youth.

This year, NUGS wishes to take a different path. We wish to contribute our little quota solve this perennial challenge. The Union would launch a month-long dialogue on Graduate Unemployment in Ghana called “The National Dialogue on Graduate Unemployment”. The campaign shall take the form of talks, lectures, workshops, projects, debates among few and shall be focused on the issue of unemployment and its workable solutions. The wholistic nature of this national campaign will demand the input, and presence of all sector players whilst students would be at the center of discussion and mentorship and counselling by expert in the job industry.

The outcome of these series of dialogue workshops will further inform the direction of NUGS on how to support government to addressing the issue of youth unemployment.

Finally, we are by this calling on all stakeholders, the Ministry, the Corporate world, Civil Societies to support this National Dialogue on Graduate Unemployment

For Sponsorship or any support, please call the Projects and Programs Secretary, Solomon Ananpansah on 0207262608

Aluta Continua; Victoria Ascerta
Kabu Nartey
General Secretary
(Leader) Frank Amoakohene

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