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05.07.2005 Regional News

Suaman People Disillusioned – MP

By Daily Guide
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THE NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for Suaman, in the Western Region, Hon Stephen M.E.K. Ackah, has observed that the people in his constituency are not only desperate, they are disillusioned and disappointed at the distressing conditions they experience.

He mentioned that the constituency is totally cut-off from the rest of the country, following a heavy down-pour on June 5, 2005.

The MP regretted that, whereas the destruction done by this down-pour in the Central Region, was highlighted to the entire country, through the media, the havoc caused in his constituency, that same day, was not mentioned to anybody.

Hon Ackah made this assertion, through a statement on the distressing conditions his constituents face, in Parliament, last Tuesday.

According to the MP, the Endri-Dadieso road is blocked, and the Juaboso Road, linking the constituency to the adjoining constituencies, in the northern sector, is worse off.

As a result, people have to trudge long distances to get to their destinations, after disembarking from one vehicle to join another, if they were lucky to get hold of one.

The MP indicated that several appeals had been made to the Highways and Feeder Roads authorities, but the answer, always, was that the road rehabilitation work had been awarded on contract.

He wondered why the responsible contractors have not yet, started work, and why such forest zone contracts should be awarded during the rainy season, only.

He contended that, looking at the immense contribution of the constituency toward the general economy, by way of production of timber, cocoa, foodstuff and other economic products and services, it beats one's understanding and imagination why roads in this area of the country, have been so marginalised.

The MP appealed to the Minister of Road Transport to go to the rescue of the people of Suaman, if they have to feel they are part of Ghana, and are also, citizens of Ghana.

In his contribution, the MP for Amenfi West, Hon John Gyetuah, noted that the Western Region was the food basket of Ghana, yet roads in the region are very deplorable.

He argued that in response to constitutional provision that equity should be exercised in the development of all parts of the country, the Western Region should also, be given its fair share of developments.

Hon Lee Ocran, MP for Jormoro, pouring out his heart, blamed all governments for the unsavoury plight of the region.

He could not understand why a region, which contributes so immensely to the country's economy, could be given such a shabby treatment of nothingness. Hon Ocran contented that it is not proper to take somebody's money for development, at the person's expense.

He, therefore, called on all MPs representing the region, to join in the fight for the right development of the region, once and for all.