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Opinion | Aug 12, 2017

China Will Defend Its Influence In N. Korea/USA War

China Will Defend Its Influence In N. Korea/USA War

There are threats flying back and forth from North Korea to United States. Swahili say when elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. China will not sit idly while United States bombs its influence or stakes in North Korea. The consequences of proliferation of nuclear waste polluting the environment will be devastating not only on those engaged in war but to African Continent. We have suffered enough in Africa from the climate changes as a result indifference abuse by super powers. The fear of limited or world war looms and world anxiety has been raised.

President Donald Trump scored a rare victory with the cooperation of Russia and China in the United Nation on this embargo or sanctions. However, implementation has to be rigid by all of these countries in order to bite in North Korea. It is very doubtful though, if North Korea would give up on its development of nuclear weapons. Testing may be the negotiating point where agreement on all sides could claim victory.

The rule remains that you must always leave some room for your negotiating partner to claim some victory also. Hyperbolic languages could be communicated through diplomatic channels or third parties but must not be repeated in public. It leads to grandstanding and miscalculation. North Korea is notorious for such public comments but not United States. The fear is United States may have overshadowed its victory at the United Nation by making public threats.

There are vigorous diplomatic talks going on now. China and Russia went along with United State on sanctions which must not be taken as a sign of free reign on North Korea. The world remains a dangerous place and miscalculation could spell disaster because China will defend its interest in North Korea. Russia, no matter how friendly President Putin is with President Trump; would not let the balance of power in that region shift in favor of United States.

Indeed, China and Russia may have conveyed their strong opposition to United States about striking North Korea privately through diplomatic channels. In short, letting President Trump know that their support at the United Nation was not a blank check to strike as President Bush did in Iraq. The consequences of that did not deter another; a Libyan strike spilling into Africa.

Some Libya nuclear materials are still unsecured. African countries with less resources to deter inflow of terrorists have spent a great deal of the money they should use to ameliorate their citizens from crossing desert and sea. In addition to fighting terrorists as Boko Haram in Nigeria, Cameron, Sudan and Niger. The reasons refugees are crossing the sea and desert are because powerful nations are deeply involved and instigated their civil wars in the name of democracy.

While the world is familiar with threats from North Korea, it is unusual that United States President would return such threat wondering who makes ego trips more. United States has no need to prove or remind the world of its might. The empty vessel here is the monkey North Korea pulling the tail of the Tiger. Mr. Trump must understand the world know as much. But the only way to join the Trading Club is to flex the nuclear threat to the Trading Club.

It is not going to be a cake walk for the most powerful nations as demonstrated in conventional wars around the world. Nuclear war can be more devastating or even worse. There is no doubt that North Korea has been provoking and now at a stage where it has developed some form of nuclear capability. It has come a long way despite North Korea limited means or resources. But the people are determined to join world nuclear club as the only insurance to external threats.

The threats exchanged between United States and North Korea may remind some of us of the label of “Paper Tiger” Mao Zedong labelled United States. Paper Tigers is a Chinese phrase of toothless tiger used to describe United States. Mao came to the realization that atomic bomb or nuclear bomb could be more powerful than the real tiger itself. This eventually led him in pursuit of China atomic bomb. Today China is a bona fide member of Nuclear and Trade Club.

North Korea will not be locked out of Nuclear Club nor will it take a back seat despite the threat or warnings coming from different countries. In spite of the sanctions lately agreed to by United Nations, North Korea will survive even at the expense of poor folks that will be mostly affected. North Korea may be annihilated from Earth surface, survive or lack necessities like food. But the people have been starving in that country without this latest embargo. Trade incentive is next!

North Korea must not turn its pursuit of nuclear arsenals into a contest with United States. But we also know that powerful nations do not confront one another because they understand the power of mutual or world destruction. So, powerful nations make example or send messages by using smaller countries as battle fields. Indeed, they notify one another to get out of the way.

Since China will not give United States an open door into North Korea, the rest of the world may be conditionally hopeful that war would not break out. It is hard to imagine a situation where United States would defy China and bomb North Korea anyway. If United States makes the First Strike, it would be powerful enough to wipe out North Korea. A limited Strike would not prevent more Korean strikes than missiles can shield. If 1 or 2 penetrate, the job is done!

Yet, the rest of the nations without nuclear power see North Korea as the David against Goliath. No matter how weak a country is, they do not want powerful nations threatening them and telling them what to do or not do the wishes of super powers. Cultures and customs support different ideologies. It does not have to be exactly like that of Britain or United States. Actually, the Electoral College in USA that overrides popular votes may be repugnant to some countries.

The cabinet form of Government of old Oyo Empire worked very well among the Yoruba of West Africa just as Shaka Zulu of South Africa had to commit suicide, as dictated by their custom despite his war victory against the British. We should be fighting against injustice, slave labor and oppression by the filthy rich in the world; not against different forms of governments.

Nuclear capability and destruction is knowledge based and a form of intelligence that cannot be monopolized by a group of people. Sooner or later, the evil knowledge will be acquired by more countries and people. There is no way one group of people can prevent another from acquiring it. However, there are ways we can live and trade peaceful with one another without threats.

Farouk Martins Aresa
Farouk Martins Aresa, © 2017

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