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19 June 2017 | Feature Article

7 Reasons Why You Need a Pro MC for Your Wedding

7 Reasons Why You Need a Pro MC for Your Wedding

A professional Master of Ceremonies (MC) is a MUST for a successful event.

Events in Ghana have evolved and operating at a professional level, hence the serious stakeholders are making efforts to meet the professional demand. One of the most sidelined event service providers is the MC. As a pro MC myself, I have heard comments like “The money is finished. The food, drinks, DJ, photographer and decor are too expensive” We are like the Marketing Department in any firm, our budget is the first to be slashed when the need be. But the question is, can the food, drinks, DJ and decor alone make the event worth attending?

I have personally been told “One of my cousins is funny and good at talking, he will MC the reception” Such statements make me say a prayer for the bride. Just a minute of tongues. You know why? How the event goes is more likely to affect the bride than the groom. Secondly, MCing is more than just talking into a microphone. Last but not the least, are you sure people travelled those long hours, fighting vehicular traffic to your event just to endure the event?

Unfortunately, there is no second chance in events, especially weddings. Here is the more reason why you need professional MC for your wedding. Its your big day and the last thing you want to do to yourself is not to enjoy the event while a professional coordinates the flow.

Time Management
Professional MCs are good with time management. No pro MC will arrive late for your event. I, for example, have made it a religion to arrive at least an hour before the event begins. And by event, I mean the exchanging of vows and ring at the church. Remember the MC comes in during pictures time at the church. Which is actually at the very end of the church service. And I have attended events where the MC was absent for that session.

During the reception too, there is no unnecessary talking. The KISS (Keep It Short & Simple) Principle is always applied.

Well Groomed
If you ever have concerns about the sense of style of your prospective MC, kindly advise yourself. Every professional is well groomed, always looking smart even in a casual outfit. A pro MC knows what to wear to where. A pro MC is always on point.

Keep Audience Engaged
One of the most characteristic trait of a pro MC is the ability to hold the audience when waiting for say the caterer to arrive or the DJ to sort out that technical hitch. Pro MCs are solution oriented hence one of the litmus tests is when there is a hitch and unfortunately, it happens at a point of no return. Reason you need a professional MC.

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Professional Humour
Humour is a dangerous thing to do when hosting an event. If you are known to be a Comedian, every joke is obviously taken on a lighter note, even religious, tribal and all sorts of quite serious jokes.

For a pro MC, humour is derived from situations and not planned. And no pro MC will pass just any funny comment. Jokes follow the KISS Principle if any at all.

A senior colleague told me the MC at his wedding said a long winding supposed joke, no one found it funny and the next thing he could say was “You will understand when you are bathing tomorrow morning”

Well, the person in question is not a pro MC so he obviously did not know the KISS Principle.

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Chief Coordinator
A pro MC has the singular duty to coordinate all the other vendors to make sure the event is successful. He/She cooperates with the caterer, venue manager, photographer, videographer and DJ to make sure all ends successfully. I chanced upon a research document that says that every pro MC spends less than 20% of the time talking into the microphone, the rest is used to coordinate the event; Is the Chairman in? Is the food ready? Where is the knife for cutting the cake? And a pro MC is all over the place making sure all is going well.

Part of Event Planning
One of the easiest ways of understanding and knowing the expectations of a client is to be part of the planning. Every pro MC will make sure there is at least one Production Meeting before the event. It is at these meetings that the event is sent to the theatre and surgery performed. Some of us even go ahead to see the venue the day before the event. This is to make sure I am familiar with the architecture of the venue, know the entrance, exits, emergency exists, washroom etc etc. During the event, everybody runs to the MC for anything and everything. “MC, please where is the washroom?” even though it has been announced already.

Creative & Solution Oriented
Every pro MC is creative hence very quick to improvise when the need arises. All events are fluid and the plan sometimes derails. Pro MCs are solution oriented because we know we are the lifeline of the event. Its common to see the bride run to the MC “Blah blah blah, what can we do? You are the MC, please do something”

Even if the MC does not have the solution, he will calm the bride down and figure a way around it. Serious situations like blackout without a standby generator is common. Professional MCs do not fear hitches. We take all the pressure so you can relax and enjoy the day.

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Remember the MC is supposed to reduce your stress level to the barest minimum if not zero and they come with a pleasant demeanour.

In conclusion, it is important to note that MCing is an art, act and a Science. Hence, the mere fact that someone is a broadcaster, TV personality, actress or actor does not make him/her a pro MC. In anyways, such personality steal the shine from the event. That not withstanding, there are pro MCs among the above group of people.

We are all wired to handle different things with ease, the professional MC is wired to handle your event without a blink. Hire a pro MC

Author: Isaac Amoyaw
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