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Friends Of JDM Meet In Canada

Apr 27, 2017 | Lawrence Appiah-Osei
Friends Of JDM  Meet In Canada

The Chairman and Founder of Friends of John Dramani Mahama (North America) took time off his busy schedule to meet with members of the group in Canada during the Easter weekend.

The purpose of the meeting was to have first-hand interaction with the members and to encourage them to hold onto their faith they have in the NDC and to assure them that NDC is coming back to power in 2020. The Chairman of the group, Dr. Lawrence Appiah explained to the members that the original name of the group covered only issues in USA but the name changed to cover all members and issues in North America, which includes Canada and Mexico.

Mr. Simon Adzaku, an elder of NDC-North America, took the opportunity to explain to members that we have maintained the name even though President Mahama is no more the President. He said President Mahama was our friend during his Presidency and he will continue to remain our Friend even in opposition.

He explained further that President Mahama didn’t become our Friend because he was the President. He is our Friend because of who he is. Mr. Adraku went on to say that Friends of John Dramani Mahama (North America) is not one of those ad-hoc/whattsap groups that dies after elections. This group has come to stay for a very long time.

Miss Josephine Gbediame, also talked about the need for unity in the party for victory 2020. She said that unity must start from NDC in Canada and USA.

She was happy to see how this group is working to bring unity amongst the NDC members in the USA and she pledged to do same in Canada.

Miss Mavis Tekpeki, the Treasurer of NDC-Toronto, on her part thanked Chairman Lawrence for visiting the group in Canada and acknowledged the importance of the role the group is playing amongst the NDC fraternity. She was full of praise for the formation of Friends of John Dramani Mahama (North America) and added that the visit has once again brought together the members of NDC-Toronto.

She also pledged to work hard for NDC victory in 2020. Messrs. Kwame Agyemang and Obed Adore, both Founders of NDC-North America, told members to work hard to get NDC in both Canada and USA back on their feet. They said right now they have NDC – Toronto, Montreal and Alberta so there is the need to mobilize and energize these branches so they can play active roles in election 2020. They advised the various Chairmen to embark on a nationwide drive to recruit more members into the NDC family.

In concluding, Chairman Lawrence advised the members to be united and be relevant to the growth of the party. He further explained that just being a branch chairman does not make you relevant to the party. “You must be seen to be playing a role that will enhance the growth and unity of party under your chairmanship” He added. Dr. Lawrence told the Chairman of NDC-Toronto, Nana Akwasi Bawuah, to work with other Chairmen in Canada to be relevant to the party especially if the NPP administration decides to implement ROPAL.

Some Executive members of Friends of John Dramani Mahama (North America) intend to visit the members in Mexico later during this year to preach the good news about the NDC.

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