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09.02.2005 Diaspora News

Ghanaian Presbyterians In Brooklyn Supports Projects Home

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The Ghanaian Presbyterian Reformed Church of Brooklyn, New York in the United States was formed by Ghanaian Presbyterians living in Brooklyn, NY. The Church is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America (PCUSA) and The Reformed Church of America (RCA) and has strong ties with the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

Our statement of core values goes as follows: As a Church we seek to pray and worship together; to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord; to be people oriented, loving and caring; to participate in the wider, secular and ecclesiastical community through PC (USA) and RCA in our Ghanaian Cultural Identity.

Many people desire to fellowship with their home based churches even when they travel abroad and our Church has become a home and a family for many Presbyterians who find themselves in Brooklyn and New York area. Members have received pastoral care and services in Worship, Baptism, Confirmation, Outdooring, Wedding and Funeral ceremonies.

We have also joined other Ghanaian Presbyterian churches in the North American region to form an association with the aim of fostering unity among Ghanaian Presbyterians in the region and also attending to the spiritual and physical needs of members.

We organized and hosted the renowned Catechist Aboa Ofei and his team from Grace Presbyterian Church, Akropong in a special retreat for our members in 2003 and 2004. Many people were healed and blessed at both events and the team also visited other Ghanaian Presbyterian churches in the US. We are looking forward to sustaining this program as an annual event.

Back home we have supported educational projects embarked by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. In 2002 we donated $2000.00 towards the Presbyterian University Project. (Kwahu Campus) In 2003, total remittance to the Presbyterian University Project (Okuapeman campus) amounted to $20,987.75. In 2004 the Church made a total remittance of $10,146.26 to the Presbyterian University project. (Okuapeman campus) The church will continue to foster good relationship with the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and continue to be a home for Presbyterians abroad.

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