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04.11.2004 General News

Mills Condemns Harrassment

By Ghanaian Chronicle
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Talks about his wife's BNI encounter

Prof. J.E.A. Mills, the Presidential Candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has lamented the violation of human rights being meted to the members of his party, including his wife, Mrs. Naadu Mills.

Speaking at Techiman in the Brong Ahafo region on his way from a 12-day tour of the Upper West and Upper East regions, Prof. Mills said the ill treatment of his wife by the Kufour-led administration was very painful, cruel and unjustifiable, because his wife and other leading members of NDC were treated like common criminals without any basis.

He said what the NPP did to his wife could be forgiven, but he would never forget about it and at an appropriate time, answers would be provided for this injustice. He did not indicate what answers would be provided but it would be re-called that in January 2002, whilst Prof. Mills was in Canada, security personnel ransacked the Mills residence on the allegation that Prof. Mills was harboring some stolen vehicles. In the absence of the Prof., his wife was allegedly maltreated and taken to the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) for questioning.

Prof. Mills said the NPP that proffered to be champion of human rights and rule of law, violated the rights of innocent sympathizers of the NDC, citing, "the infamous proceed on leave" saga.

He said an NDC government under his leadership would investigate all corruption cases against the NPP government and those found culpable would be dealt with accordingly.

The Law Professor stated that the Kufour administration was not bold enough to tell the truth that they could not rule the nation and rather resorted to begging for another four years.

He described another four years of Kufuor's positive change as "four more years of corruption, incompetence and arrogance."

He said every God-chosen government appeared faithful and submissive to the people, but the arrogance and pride in the NPP government attested to the fact that they could not move the country forward.

"It is only the truth, hard work and good leadership of the NDC government of which I was the vice President that has saved the NDC leaders from the wrath of the NPP government who are eager to arrest and prosecute us," he declared.

According to him, since handing over power to the NPP, none of the members of the NDC government had run way from the country.

He called on President Kufuor to render unqualified apology to Ghanaians for misinforming them about the CNT loan.

According to Mills, the loan was not forthcoming, because its roots were non-existent and accused President Kufuor of not listening to all the advice given him in connection with the loan transaction.

On VAT, Prof Mills rubbished the NPP for kicking against it whilst in opposition, but turning round now to increase and re-brand it as National Health Insurance Levy. He accused the NPP government as well of opposing the GETFund, but borrowing from it, and not even accounting for it.

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On job creation, he said the registration exercise embarked upon by the NPP government did not yield any good results to the country, because all those registered were not given any jobs as promised by President Kufuor The NDC leader said Ghanaians were now looking for salvation and it was only the NDC and God that would give them that salvation, promising that his administration would provide a truthful, transparent and humble leadership, capable and competent of spreading development to all parts of the country without discrimination.

He said the NDC had been in and out of office and this had enriched it enough to steer the affairs of the country, asserting, " I can rule this country better than President Kufuor, because he has messed things up. "

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