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27.09.2015 Feature Article

Why poison spread fast... learn the HR message

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The poison of most of the poisonous animals spread fast in the body system of its victim or prey. Certainly, the poison has to spread fast and only then the predator can have its prey otherwise the prey might escape from the scene. It also has another reason. Only when the poison spread fast, the poisonous animal can have its defense from its threat. The question is, whether the nature has shown special favour only towards the poisonous animals and has neglected the interest of the victims? Certainly, nature is fair in its offering to all its creation unequivocally.

Remember nature also has favoured its victim/prey the same way. When the poison spread fast, it quickly gets distributed throughout the body, gets neutralized, metabolized if the body mass is great and thus the harmful actions quickly get limited/diluted. In most cases, due to the above property of most poisons, the victim survive although may suffer from some temporary shock or permanent deformity.

The message is two fold. When a snake attacks lion or buffalo, it will be doing so only for its self defense. No snake would ever attack a buffalo or lion for its food need. When snake attack these animals for its self defense, the poison need to offer only defense to the snake and need not kill its opponent. Due to the quick distribution of poison, generally the large animals like lion or buffalo may not die although they may suffer an immediate shock. For self defense, the faster distribution of poison ensures benefit to both the snake and its opponent simultaneously.

Whereas, when snake bite its prey, the quick spread of the poison immediately kill the prey to become meal for the snake. Here the snake gains the quick meal from the above property of the poison and at the same time, the prey also, may not undergo prolonged suffering.

The justice system of nature is same for both the victim and the victor (winner). What is good for you is good for me, as well. But unfortunately our meaning derivations and interpretations are subjective, partial and prejudiced. We are not relating our interpretations to the real and total.

The point of discussion is not about the science of poison. But understand the management message hidden inside every creation. Develop positive vision to see the right meaning otherwise what you presumed it to be wrong need not be wrong. Our wrong meaning comes mostly due to our failure to connect to the absolute context. When we become subjective and partial, we miss the wholeness and the true meaning.

This inevitable management message every corporate people must learn.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

S. Ranganathan, Dr.
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