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19.08.2004 General News

Ghana's Stability Threatened....

By The Analyst (Monrovia)/SUPPLIMENT By Femi Oduah
Ghana's Stability Threatened....
Listen to article Opposition Leaders Recruit in the West African Region Intelligence information circulating in the West African Region indicates a potential threat against the Peace and Stability of the John Kuffuour's Administration in the Republic of Ghana. According to information, Ghana's opposition leaders are massively recruiting mercenaries in the Ivory Coast, Togo, Senegal and Guinea to lead an attack on Ghana by August 20 or certainly before general elections. Already, two retired Ghanaian military officers including Kojo Jikata have been seen traveling in Ivory Coast, Conakry and Dakar. The report further revealed that a leading member of the Ivorian Government has pledged support of arms to the insurgents and claim to have links with both retired and serving military officers in the Republic of Ghana. Our sources told this paper that the insurgents are planning to launch surprise attacks, assassinations and terrorist activities on Ghana before the elections. The group has also been engaged in the spread of gossips in the corridors of power in the Ivory Coast, Guinea, Senegal, Togo and Liberia that Ghana is becoming too powerful and could resurrect the Khruma's ambition of making Ghana the most powerful nation and the nerve center of Africa's leadership. They claim that the only way to stop President Kuffuour is to destroy the peace and sanity of Ghana by turning it to a war zone. Reports indicate that attempts to recruit soldiers from Liberia proved futile as Liberians believe that Ghana has been a true friend of Liberia and has committed herself to peace and democracy in Liberia. However, there are fears that Liberians in Ghana at the Budumbura Camp near Accra could be recruited. There are already reports that some former Liberian warlords are in support. There is impeccable information that President Wade of the Republic of Senegal is actively supporting the opposition in their recruitment of mercenaries. It can be recalled that West Africa became vulnerable to rebel activities when Charles Taylor organized arms rebellion against the NDPL Government headed by the late Samuel K. Doe through guerilla activities with the patronage of Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, and Libya. Since Then, the Peace and stability of West Africa have become threatened and, like wild fire, some West African nations have fallen victim. According to analysts, something has to urgently be done to protect the peace and stability of African nations." Editor's note: The content of this article does not represent the opinion of The Analyst and remains an issue for verification. Published in the Liberian paper "The analyst" on Friday, August 13, 2004

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