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Rejoinder: Dede Djaba Is History Of Garbage And Albatross On NPP

By Georgette Djaba
Rejoinder: Dede Djaba Is History Of Garbage And Albatross On NPP
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Dear Chairman,
I wish to make a formal complaint about the author(s) of the article reproduced below. The URL is as follows:

Published by the pseudo-terrorist organisation in the UK on 27 October 2014

I am seeking the following by way of redress:
1. That the said voluntary organisation be disbanded with immediate effect.

2. That the organisation provides documentary evidence of my "insanity" or challenges or current or previous mental health by 12 noon today or else all hell will break loose. I am not amused.

3. That we all are mindful of the rules and regulations of the UK with regard to publications and broadcasting as set out by OFCOM.

4. That I receive an immediate undertaking that this nasty and vile behaviour will not be repeated under any circumstances.

5. that I receive an unqualified apology on all the relevant platforms with immediate effect.

6. That they remove all these defamatory articles by 12 noon today

7. That I receive compensation in the sum of £20,000 for publishing deliberate lies, defamation of character with the intention of causing harm. My life is now at risk from various known and unknown persons. I have received several threats and a barrage of insults on my mobile phone and on various social media platforms and on radio stations.

8. My good name has been tarnished. My right to privacy has been breached. My mother and children are under a lot of stress, humiliated and afraid for my physical health. My blood pressure is out of radar.

9. My career as a Solicitor of the Supreme court of England and Wales for over. 16 years post qualification lies in ruins. It cost me 10 years of my life and over £25,000 to train as a Solicitor with a Masters Degree (intercollegiate) awarded by SOAS, University of London.

10. I reserve the right to use whatever means necessary including media, legal and politics to resolve this matter if they choose ignore this email and in addition choose to use the multimedia to malign and tarnish my good name. They used my photograph without my permission or consent.

11. I have lost several clients and potentially an estimated sum of over £100,000,000 since these articles have been circulated round the world.

12. I am instructing my lawyers to send a letter before action to you as soon as possible after 12noon today in the event that this email is ignored. Enough is enough.

Yours sincerely
Georgette Djaba

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