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14.05.2013 Feature Article

Is Bawumia Selling Pink Sheet Evidence On The Streets?

Is Bawumia Selling Pink Sheet Evidence On The Streets?
LISTEN MAY 14, 2013

Dr Mahamadu Bawumia, who will perhaps go down in history as the pink sheet professor, has so far demonstrated that he is a very determined man. So determined is Dr Bawumia to claim authority and authorship of the pink sheet that, he has developed his own interpretation of the meaning of each line on the pink sheet.

And it's amazing when Bawumia even sought to challenge the Electoral Commission's lead counsel in the on-going legal petition of the 2012 Presidential Election that his interpretation of the key components of the pink sheet is the correct one.

We have seen Dr Bawumia in the witness box for more than two weeks, but his so-called watertight evidence which will be mind-blowing to Ghanaians is virtually missing. 'The evidence is in the pink sheet, and that is why we are in court', is a very common one liner thrown around most of the time by Dr Bawumia; just to remind everybody that, that is all what he got.

But Dr Bawumia has not restricted or confined his antics on his water tight evidence of the pink sheet to the court room alone. He has expanded his scope to reach a larger audience or party faithful.

On the streets of Accra, Dr Bawumia has turned his water tight evidence into manuals and has found some NPP supporters to sell the manuals to those who would want to believe him. This is against the backdrop that the NPP published the entire evidence on the web and in some NPP sympathetic newspapers.

This is the new game plan that Dr Bawumia has adopted in order to fool people into believing that he has a solid case in court. But if you have been following the case in court, you will realize that you may throwing your kenkey money away if you venture to buy the so-called evidence manual that Dr Bawumia is selling on the streets.

Get is straight: The NPP has a well-orchestrated plan to get Ghanaians into believing that they have a solid and believable case even when we have seen their case falling apart, that is why they are leaving nothing to chance to deceive people.

The NPP are not satisfied with the reportage that they are getting from the numerous newspapers sympathetic to them, that is why the party's communications directorate has also taken the mantle to issue statements and stories to confuse and sway people.

This case will indeed go down the wire. And nobody can predict what Bawumia and others in the NPP will do next in their quest to force Ghanaians into believing their unwinnable case.

We have a bunch of people in the NPP who are determined that at all cost they will pursue every evil act to make life unbearable for President John Mahama. Their grandiloquence on radio stations is there for all to see and read into it.

So therefore, never be surprised if you next see Dr Bawumia selling pink sheets at your corner or your church's book stand. This is a very determined man who has even developed his own electoral laws.

Nana Akua Tweneboah-Koduah
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