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11.02.2013 Letter

Joint Somaliland Pro-Democratic Movments' Petition To UK Secretary Ofstate For Foreign And Commonwealth Affairs

By Horn Watch International
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Joint Petition Letter
To: His Excellency the RT Hon William Hague
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

Foreign and Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street
London SW1A 2AH
Telephone: 020 7008 1500
Generic Email format: [email protected]

Twitter: @WilliamJHague
Date: 09/02/2013
Subject: Democratically elected government led H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mohomoud 'Siilaanyo' is the only one that represents the interests and wishes of the people of Somaliland.

Dear Minister,
We, the undersigned, the pro-democratic movement in Somaliland, comprising non-state actors, professional groups, university students, human rights and civil society organizations, operating under several non-governmental national level umbrellas and networks wish to express our gratitude to the people and government of the United Kingdom for their lions share in support towards developing our country's education, health, security, livelihoods and democratization process for the last 20 years.

Your Excellency, The Republic of Somaliland is a free and peace-loving state, and its democratically elected government led H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mohomoud 'Siilaanyo' is the only one that represents the interests and wishes of the people of Somaliland.

In view of this fact we wish to inform that the people of Somaliland are against the on-going trend where an undemocratic elected president of the neighbouring Somalia is undertaking negotiations and speaking on their behalf.

Minister, Somaliland though unrecognized internationally is a sovereign nation that pulled out of its fateful union with Somalia, a union it entered after your government granted independence on 26th June 1960,

as you are aware the democratization process that has ensued in Somaliland over the years has not only facilitated the availability of a government led by an elected head of state but has become a good example of democratic principles within Africa and the Islamic world.

The elected presidents have further enable the country to secure its boarders, ensure the safety of its citizens but has also enable the active participation of somaliland in international efforts to eliminate terrorism and piracy in the Horn region. This has been accomplished with the assistance and partnership with neighbouring governments of Djibouti, Ethiopia and Yemen as well as with various international governments and organizations.

The enactment by parliament of various bills that has legalized the government's involvement in stabilizing the Horn of Africa region is testimony to the commitment of the 4.5 million Somalilanders towards sustaining peace, security as well as the democratic principles.

To this effect, Honourable Minister, the Somaliland Civil Society and Human Rights groups wish to inform that only the elected President of Somaliland H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mahmud Silanyo has the official mandate to represent the people at international Negotiations.

In view of this fact we wish to inform that the people of Somaliland are against the on-going trend where an unelected president of the neighbouring Somalia is undertaking negotiations and speaking on their behalf.

Minister, Somaliland though unrecognized internationally is a sovereign nation that pulled out of its fateful union with Somalia, a union it entered after your government granted independence on 26th June 1960.

On the other hand the pro-democratic civil society movement in Somaliland including human rights groups are saddened by the recent travel ban and poor security alert for Somaliland issued by your ministry which we believe is not factual considering the evidence on the ground.

Despite its negative impact internationally, the alert is an extra vigilance wake up call for our government as related to its protection of expatriates, citizens and deterrence against terrorists.

Your Excellency, we urge the international community and more specifically the United Kingdom to continue their support to our country and accord it the respect and dignity it deserves.

Finally, we wish to inform the world that the people of Somaliland have full confidence in their elected president H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mahmud Silanyo and his administration.

Sincerely yours,
CC:Hon Ban Ki Moon,UN General Secretary,New York
CC: Mr John Kerry
Secretary of state, US State Department,Washington DC

Possible signatories list if you don't want to sing this petition simply please deletes the name of your organisation

1. University of Hargeisa
2. University of Camuud
3. Admas University
4. New Generation Universtiy
5. Golis University
7. Agriculture Development Organization (ADO)
8. Alkownin Women Voluntary Organization (ALKOWNIN)

9. Agriculture Rehabilitation and Women in Development Org. (ARWO)

10. Association for the Somaliland Women's Advancement (ASWA)

11. Aw Barkhadle Women Development Organization (AWDO)

12. Ayaan Women's Development Association (AYAAN)
13. BarwaaqoLakulan Women Association (BAKWA)
14. Barwaqo Voluntary Organization (BVO)
15. Candlelight for Health and Education (CLHE)
16. Committee for Concerned Somalis (CCS)
17. Dareen Rural Relief & Development (DAREEN)
18. Dulmar for Women's Development Advocacy and Peace (DULMAR)

19. Female-Headed Households Association (FEDHA)
20. Hanad Women's Welfare Association (HWWA)
21. Hargeisa Voluntary Youth Committee (HAVAYOCO)
22. Hargeisa Women's Group (HAWO-GROUP)
23. Hargeisa Women on Focus Organization (HAWFO)
24. Mother Land Rescue Group (MRG)
25. Lama-Huraan Women's Association (LMWA)
26. Somaliland Women's organization (SOLWO)
27. Somaliland War Widow Organization (SWWO)
28. Somaliland Women's Development Association (SOWDA)

29. Somaliland Women's Research and Action Group (SOWRAG)

30. Somaliland for Progress, Advocacy and Peace (SOWPO)

31. Somaliland Young Women's Association (SOYWA)
32. Tawakal Women & Children's Organization (TAWAKAL)

33. Voluntary National Youth Organization (VONYO)
34. Women's Action for Advocacy and Development Association (WADA)

35. Women's Rehabilitation and Development Association (WORDA)

36. Women Inter-Action Group (WIAG)
37. Women's Action Advocacy and Progress Organization (WAAPO)

38. Somaliland Youth Voluntary Organisation (SOYVO) Togdheer

39. Barako Women Organisation (BARAKO) Togdheer
40. UnitaTogdheer Women Umbrella (UNITA) Togdheer
41. Togdheer Youth Vouluntary Org. (TOGOYOVO) Togdheer

42. Naaso-Hablood Handicap Association(NAHA) Hargeisa

43. Daami Youth Development Organsation (DAYDO) Hargeisa

44. Welfare Tumaal Organisation (WAAB ) Hageisa
45. Tumaal Development Foundation (TDF Hargeisa
46. Women Minority Organization (ISIR) Hargeisa
47. Voice Of Somaliland Minority Women Organisation (VOSOMWO) Hargeisa

48. Somaliland Culture and Sport Association Hargeisa

49. Somaliland Youth Development Asso. (SOYDA) Hargeisa

50. Health and Education (HEAL) Hargeisa
51. Somaliland Journalist Association Hargeisa
52. Community concern Somalis (CCS) Hargeisa
53. Horn of Africa Human Rights Watch Committee (HORNWATCH)

54. Somaliland Civic Forum Hargeisa
55. SOMALILAND National Youth Organisation Hargeisa

56. Somali Rights Watch Hargeisa
57. Women and child Handicap orgHAN Hargeisa
58. Saaxil Handicap Organisation (SHO) Berbera
59. M AND M Berbera
60. ALXANAAN women organisation Berbera
61. General AVO Berbera
62. VAYS Youth Org Berbera
63. BILAN Women Organisation Berbera
64. MOON LIGHT Girl Organisation Borama
65. Somaliland Human Rights Ass. (SOHURA) Borama
66. ACARO Youth orgnastiaon Borama
67. Somaliland National Disabality Forum Hargeisa

69. Aids Control and Awareness Raising Organization - (ACARO)

70. Amoud University Student Union -
71. All-Somaliland Society Awareness League - (Assal)

72. Community Rehabilitation Association (CRA)
73. Dallo Youth Development Organization - DAYDO
74. Disability Children Association - DCA
75. Hargeisa Youth Development Association - HYDA
76. Horseed Youth Association - Horseed
77. Laas-anod Youth Voluntary Organization - LAYVO

78. Moonlight girls Association - Moonlight
79. SAYS Youth Association - SAYS
80. Somaliland Association for Youth Salvation - SCYVO

81. Somaliland Culture and Sport Association - SOCSA

82. Somaliland Progress Youth Association - SOPYA
83. Somaliland Youth Development Association - SOYDA

84. Somaliland Youth Salvation and Training Organization - SYSTO

85. Somaliland Youth Society - SYS Hargeisa
86. Somaliland Youth Society - SYS Burao
87. Somaliland Youth Voluntary Association - SOYVO
88. Teacher Training College Student - TTCSC
89. University of Hargeisa Student Union
90. UoH-Student Union
91. VitinaryAgre-culture Development Committee- VADCO

92. Voluntary Of National Youth Organization - VONYO

93. Youth Coalition Development - YCD
94. Youth Volunteers of Development and Environmental Care

95. Organization - YOVENCO
96. Somaliland Education Development Organziation - SEDO

97. Youth EdcuationSaftey Development Organizaiton - YESDO

98. UBAH Social Development Youth Organization - USWO

99. Somaliland Environment Youth Organization – SEYO

100. Somaliland Handicap Association SHA
101. Comprehensive CBR in Somaliland CCBRS
102. Nasa-Hablod Handicap AssociationNAHA
103. Hargeisa Youth Development Association HADYA
104. Hargeisa Deaf SchoolHDS
105. Activist Network for Disabled Persons ANDP
106. Orthohope Rehabilitation CenterORC
107. Disability Action Network DAN
108. Hargeisa School For Special Needs HSSN
109. Disabled Women Organization and childrenHAN
110. Horn Afrique Youth Voluntary Committee HAVOYOCO

111. Disabled Children Association
112. Hargeisa Handicap Association
113. Tawakal Women's Association
114. Albustan Handicap Association
115. Hargeisa Handicap Women
116. Somaliland Blind Society
117. Youth Development Disability Organization
118. Somaliland Red Crescent Society
119. Negaad Women Umbrella
120. Somaliland Youth Umbrella
121. Borama Deaf and Blind School
122. Sahil Handicap Organization
123. Tawakal Lifeline Organization
124. Erigavo Handicap Organization
125. Las-anod Handicap Association
126. Nofen
127. MuruqiyoMaskax
128. Sungo
129. Maan
130. Somran
131. Kulmis
132. SNDF
133. Sahan
134. Nafis Network
135. Vonyo
136. Unita umbrella
137. Sonyo
138. CPN
139. Nagaad
140. AwdalCPN
141. Horn Peace
142. Jubba Airways
143. Light Industry
144. WIN
145. Daallo Airline
146. Nawbo
147. BDS
148. Hospitality Industry
149. WIT
150. NRD-EWB
151. Dahabshiil
152. Telesom
153. Arecsmed
154. University of Buroa
155. Sanaag University
156. SLNMA
157. SMA
158. Media Group
159. UOH
160. WIJA
161. Fopag
162. Solla
163. Berbera University
164. ULPA
165. Nugaal University
166. WanaagFarista

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