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Opinion | Oct 23, 2012

Open Letter to the Speaker of Parliament

By A B Amorse-member of John Stott Society

Dear Rt Hon. Speaker,

Those Who Stood By You Are Now Asking You To Listen

I must apologize for intruding with this letter of mine. I write this letter to you in my capacity as a student of Regent University and a former Member of Parliament for the great John Stott Society (Be with the best or be among the best) and I am not the least enthused about certain developments in the administration of the Student Union; herein referred to as Regent Ghana Student Union (RGSU). I have chosen this form of communication to you because all other roads seem to be blocked by people who now believe that for the good of their parochial interest, they must isolate you from the rest of us. Energized by the spirit, ideals, principles and the ideology of the Creative Minds, and the promise of building a better Union, I actively championed you vigorously and aggressively supported you after your election as the Speaker of Parliament for RGSU.

But I'm afraid you've lost me.
I have watched in horror as the sweeping mandate you so skillfully won has been squandered. You have failed at every turn to practice the politics necessary to change the course of the Student Union, sacrificing principles and the greater moral mandate and the unity of the Union and the student front for that matter on the altar of a reckless political mantra “divide and rule.” Your commitment to bipartisanship and compromise on the issue of social justice has rather expose your nakedness. The old political mandarins you've relied on so much for your political magic have derailed every initiative and gutted every innovation, while you continue to reach out, coaxing and pleading for a better day that simply will never come. Those who oppose your election have won. I understand that you expect me to blame them for their conduct. I do not. I blame you. Your desire to build a better union has remained a pipe dream. That is not the change I voted for.

Madam Speaker, The wanton misuse of political power and the limited union resources under your helpless watch on the student of Regent University is akin to the Animal Farm debacle. Most objective political analysts have concluded that your administration have lost touch with the people they purport to lead and ineptitude and defeat is staring in your face in much the same way as happened in the “Animal Farm”.

Animal Farm is a classic work by George Orwell and a noted piece of literature, which was used to catapult the imagination of readers beyond the horizons of dogmatic adherence to idealistic or utopian thoughts. It however, represents human characteristics in an analogy of animal instincts. It also mimics the doomsday of a precipitated change, brought by a modicum of bureaucratic class called as

Madam Speaker, Students on all the campuses is getting disillusioned because unjustifiable incompetence is still rife, and the students have been disappointed in their expectations of good administration and social justice. You are not doing enough to retain credibility of the great RGSU, which was sacrificed on the altar of sheer political proclivity sometime back. The perception seems to be that the very few at the top are enjoying at the expense of the numerous students who toiled to ensure your victory.

To imagine that you are still crawling even though you promised to hit the ground running from the word go is a profound statement which draws light on the utter of ineffectiveness of your high road rhetoric. Majority of students; including myself and your opponent have devoted their lives to help you make the union very vibrant and attractive, and I had pinned my hopes on our ability to do that. I no longer believe that you will ever be up to that task. I hope I am wrong, but as of now my heart is broken, and I am done with you. We all worked in support of your election. When you were threatened, we defended you and believed in your promises. I'm pretty sure some diehards are not ready to abandon you but I'm very much concerned and I believe it is time you listened to voices other than those that have managed to isolate you from what we see as reality.

Madam Speaker, you are the seventh and first female speaker of the Union under whom I have lived and unlike the others, you truly scare me. You scare me because you are a cheerleader for “hate Amos” crowd and want to kill the RGSU's goose that lays the golden egg. My most current concern is with what appears to be the divide and rule tactics you have adopted and have also introduced exclusionism into the Union. It is either we sing your chorus or to hell with those of us who prefer to stand in reality. Woe betides anyone who dare offer constructive criticisms of your administration. You are either label anti-Nadia or “Amos boy or girl”. Under your watch, some ardent activists of the union have been suddenly targeted as anti-Nadia who is rather out to destroy the Union. During the recent parliamentary sitting, some of our parliamentarians even suffered the brunt of your iron clothed political prowess on the basis that, they belong to another camp.

undefinedMadam Speaker, your leadership is in crisis, crisis that may push the Union over the edge. We are all aware of it. We are facing a crisis, grinding despondency, attrition amid perceived increasing wealth in the hands of a very few. I am aware of the belligerence and struggle between you and some executives of your administration over some amount of money released by management. The Union dues are not for any of you, so stop fighting over it. Those few, those wealthy few, hardly true adherent to the values and principles we share as a union but rather an administration of their own making, your appointees, your cronies, ministers and deputy ministers, are hardly invisible. There is an emerging cabal of elites around you, who believe that for the good of their parochial interest, it is their duty to turn the Union into another Orwellian failed state and a typical fascist regime at their beck and call.

It is clear for all to see, even the fresh students on campus that you have lost your mandate to lead the Union. The charade is over and the mask has come off and you are not as credible as we thought. The RGSU under your leadership is despondent and divided. Never in the history of our great Union have we been so divided. Never have we been so visionless. The Union under your leadership is at a stalemate and the only solution is for you to take a second look at your political career and step down as a leader of the Union. We cannot go on like this.

I will like to use this medium to call on all the young energetic men and women with the intension of contesting the next election to stand up immediately and rescue the Union from its current state. RGSU don't need timorous souls, but bold individuals who can rise to the occasion anytime they are called upon. Mind you, should the Union collapse under this administration; there will be no Union for you to lead. The time to act is now! Students will be proud and rally behind any student with intension of contesting for any position in the next election should that student fearlessly ACT NOW!

With deepest regret
[email protected]

Amos Blessing Amorse
Amos Blessing Amorse, © 2012

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