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15.09.2003 Diaspora News

12 Ghanaian Drug Smugglers Jailed In Pakistan

By PakTribune
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ISLAMABAD, September 15 -- The government of Pakistan during the current National Assembly session presented a list according to which in the past three years 262 smugglers, including 12 Ghanaians, have been sentenced on drug smuggling charges . According to details, 152 of the 262 smugglers sentenced are Pakistanis whereas the rest 110 are foreigners. The foreign smugglers include 66 from Nigeria, 6 from Tunisia, 12 from Ghana and Gani, 2 from Maldives, 3 from South Africa, 2 from Liberia and Australia, and one from Romania, Angola, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Sudan, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Belgium each. These smugglers are completing their sentences in various jails of Pakistan . These smuggles have been given various sentences starting from one year jail to life imprisonment after drug smuggling accusations have been proved against them. They have also been imposed fines ranging from ten thousand rupees to ten lakh rupees.
Twenty-four smugglers have been sentenced for life out of which twenty-three are Pakistani and one foreigner. More than twenty of the sentenced smugglers include Pakistani and Foreign women.
All cases against these smugglers were registered by Anti Narcotics Force in Kohat, Peshawar and Haripur.

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