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06.11.2002 General News

AMA to Check Unwholesome Meat On the Market

By gna/McKinley
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The Accra Metropolitan Authority (AMA) is to set up a special task force to check the increased trading in unwholesome meat being offered for sale to the unsuspecting consumers in the markets and chop bars around the metropolis. The task force would be given the mandate to seize any quantity of unwholesome meat on the market and arrest the people involved in the supply. AMA Chief Executive, Mr. Solomon Ofei Darko said in an interview with Metro Mail that the assembly had received numerous reports from the public about the increasing trade in unwholesome meat and meat products in markets around the metropolis. He said some of the reports have revealed that some chop bar operators are also using unwholesome meat to prepare food for sale. Mr. Darko said, "AMA is paying serious attention to all the reports his office had received and would take decisive action on them soon." AMA Chief Executive, who visited a site for livestock located behind the CIBA Market at Mallam in Accra last Monday said he was quite amazed at the manner in which some types of meat, which are regarded as delicacies for some people in the metropolis, are processed. The use of rubber tires as fuel to see single cow skin, popularly called "wele", and other parts of livestock, such as the head and feet, is a harmful practice that can cause serious health problems to the consumers and also endanger the lives of those engaged in the practice.

Mr. Darko said a task force would be trained and given adequate logistics and motivation to mount operations around the metropolis to identify the spots where seeing of livestock with rubber tires are taking place and arrest those involved. He said some of the spots have already been identified, and the task force would be notified and dispatched to carry out corrective measures. These spots include Feo Eyeo, Kaneshie Sports Complex area, Mallam and around the Kokomba Market in Accra.

During his visit to the CIBA Market, the AMA Chief Executive talked about the need for the butchers and meat sellers to maintain high standards of handling meat. He advised them to refurbish their structures to prevent flies from contaminating the meat that is meant for human consumption.

Mr. Darko said AMA would embark on a general health education exercise in all the markets to create awareness about the harmful effect of selling unwholesome meat to the public, and the legal implications of the trade. He said the public also needs to be educated to refrain from the consumption of such meat on the market, since the demand for it is a major contributing factor to the supply.

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