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14.06.2009 Feature Article


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When God created us, He gave us everything we needed to fulfill His original plan and purpose. Because God designed us to lead, the seeds of leadership is imbedded within us, dormant and inactivated until they are ready to be activated by the power of God. For this reason, Leadership is not something we should have to study as much as something that is already inside us. It is a matter of discovering and nurturting those powers of leadership within us. I must quickly point out that, nevertheless, there is nothing wrong in studying leadership due to the fact that, one has to be abreast with its executive disposition, which is of paramount importance in every strata of leadership.

Within the earthly realm, God has given us this great freedom. Ultimately, the kind of leaders we become and the degree of dominion we exercise depends upon us. God will never violate our freedom or override the dominion spirit He placed witin us. Aithough, I must say that God might make life a little unbearable for us for us to come into terms with His indispensability in our life until we turn towards Him.The Holy Spirit will never force our hand. But as we allow Him, the Holy Spirit will convict us, guide us, and lead us, but He will never coerce or force us.

One may question this concept of the leadership potential within you. In that, maybe you consider yourself to be a follower, practically without any ounce of leadership ability and know-how. Maybe you may have a belittling and undervalued mentality that you dont have the skill, quality, and ability or experience to be a leader. Perhaps, you have accepted the negative dictates that the basement people and uninspiring e lements have said about you. Nonetheless, the truth is, it does not matter what other people say or think, or even what we think of ourselves. What matters is how God sees us, and how He sees us as potential and resounding leaders and rulers in the earthly domain.

He created us for this purpose and designed us with the necessary ability to fulfill our destiny. Its very imperative and highly significant to enquire God's mind about us and not get confused and apprehensive about what man says about us.We need to understand the creator first about us, since one of the resourceful and insightful theological admonition is we must first seek to understand the creator. In that, The original purpose of any product is only in the mind of the creator of the product. Therefore, to discover the purpose and reason of our existence, we must attempt to tap into the mind of the creator. After all, no one knows the product better like the manufacturer.


We usually picture leaders as execeptional busy people. And undoubtedly they are. Leaders require being in the thick of things. But while its usully overlooked, it is noteworthy, that leaders spend considerable time alone with nothing but their own thinking apparatus. Make a meticulous check in the lives of the great religious leaders and you will make a candid observation that each of them spent considerable time alone. Taking a journey through the Bible about Moses you will realise that he was frequently alone. The book of Luke is particularly replete with abundance of frequent loneliness of Jesus'. Also, closely taking a microscopic view of other religious leaders like Buddah, Confucious, Mohammed, Gandhi they found a lot of invigoration in loneliness. Indeed, every outstanding religious leader in history spent much time in solitude away from the distraction of life.

& nbsp; Furthermore, political leaders, too, who made lasting words in history and left an indelible foot-prints in the sand of history for good or bad gained insights and much strength through solitude. It is interesting and even a wonder whether Frankline D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of America could have developed his unusual leadership capacity had he not spent much loneliness while recovering from his polio attack. Besides, Harry Truman, the 33rd President of America spent much time as a boy and as an adult alone on the Missouri farm. Even Adolf Hitler, would not have achieved his diabolical intention had he not spent months in jail alone, where he had time to construct "Mein kampf" that wicked plan for world conquest that sold the Germans in a blind moment.

Additioally,many of the leaders of communism who have proved to be diplomatically skillful like Lenin, Stalin, Marx and many others spent time in jail where they masterminded their plan without distraction for future move. In the African scene, legendary leaders like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela and others who fought for freedom of their countries came out of solitude imprisonment with much tenacity and vigor to win independence for their countries. It is even believed that the leading universities require professors to lecture as few as about five hours per week in other for him to have time to think. Many outstanding business executives are surrounded all day by assistants, secretaries and reports, but delving into their lives you will discover that they spend a surprising amount of time in uninterrupted thoughts.The point is a successful person in any field of endea vour takes time out to confer with himself. Leaders use solitude to put pieces of problem together to work out solutions, to plan, and and best of all to do their super-thinking that propels them into the zenith of excellence


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