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At the threshold of the new year that ghanaians are making retrospective analysis as to how to overcome the past year encumberances and a very excruciating christmas celebration due the NDCs turtuous and bitter ghana, and may be focus on how to put behind them and do well this year, lo and behold Atta Mills and his insensitive NDC , in spite of all his cacophony of noises that not only would he stablize petrol prices but he would rather reduce petrol prices drastically. Atta Mills has once again slapped the face of the already struggling and overburdened ghanaian populace with increase in petrol prices again. There is no secret about the fact that it was this same Atta Mills, who when he was then candidate Mills, castigated, lampooned and lambasted the NPP administration of any increase in petrol prices as highly unjustifiable. The slow but sure man, in all his campaign speeches expounded and dilated every likely professorial economic analysis as to how during his reign as the president of the nation would make sure that petrol hikes is a thing of the past in our beloved nation.

But what are we seeing? The people of ghana as usual, never learned from NDCs past blatant lies and deceiption and bought Mills' professorial political theatrics and the NDC tawdry gimmicks, if not their unpleasant and obfuscating polytricks and voted for them. Ghanaians just naively swallowed the bait all in the name of the fact that, Mills is humble and Godfearing. But look at his broad daylight lies. And these days too what Iam witnessing worryingly among the ghanaians is that any leader who rises up and be quoting some biblical jargons in his speeches is ignorantly labelled and taged as a God- fearing. Where did we get that basis. African leaders are masqueraders and chameleons who know how to decieve the people to get their votes and turn around to show them their real face. Who ever thought Atta Mills will come and increase fuel prices after his sophomorically and vehemently opprobriums against the NPP in all his campaigns about the same issue?. That was the same smartness that Mills played on his boss JJ about consulting him 24/7, and now it has become a trauma and heart blood pressure that Flt Lt J.J is dealing and nursing everyday. The boom man in spite all his shrewness and truculence, cannot decipher how Mr. Go slow could outwit and outsmart him and turned the deaf ear to all his stone age revolutional rubbish suggestions.

But coming back to the recent fuel price increase and the ensuing razzmataz, hullaballo and hurly burly from all nook and cranny, of which the AFAG has given the govt some days to reverse that increase, else they meet the firery apoplectic action of the people, what I shudder to ask is, can the so called peaceful people of ghana, particularly the institutions like TUC, AFAG and CJA etc that profess to champion the cause of workers to alleviate the plight of ordinary ghanaians, stand strong and see to the reversal of this increase as we have witnessed few dags ago in countries like Bolivia and Pakistan? In the aforemetioned countries, few day ago, the people remonstrated trenchantly with undivided vigor that "dey no go sit to be cheated everyday". And the firery and brimstone manner was such that their govts had no alternative but to reverse it instantly. But In ghana, we are professed to be peaceful, so no wonder every govt comes and toys insensitively with ghanaians and doesnt care a hoot about the painful feelings of the people. Because at the election year 2012, they will start their polytricks by reducing little prices here and there. And as usual the soon forgotten ghanaians will jump into the camouflage and chicanery bandwagon and vote for the NDC again like mental deranged or indecisive little kids. But I am calling ghanaians to wake up this time.

In the face of this , Iam not suggesting any chaos and bloodshed or apocaliptic incendiary untenable attacks but a non-violent vigorous demonstrations that will cease all commercial vehicles from moving until the the Atta Mills and his hoodlums wake up from their slumber and stop taking ghanaians for granted. As as matter of fact, ghanaians have allowed the govts past and present to take them for a ride for far too long, all in the name of peaceful people, that is why they come and have the temerity, impudence and effrontry to do whatever they like all in the name of "ehuri a ebedwi", to wit, in spite of the criticism the situation will cool down. In the face of this, such egregious and insensitive manner of taking the peaceful attitude of ghanaians for granted by the govts will never abate. Ghana, a nation, blessed with all the natural and human resouces, is one country that the prices of goods and particularly petroleum are increased with impunity at anytime. Atta Mills and his NDC are insulting the intelligence of the ghanaians.

Its therefore, the time that ghanaians have to rise up, that enough is enough, beginning with Mills administration to serve as a deterrent to the other succeeding govts. It has happened in Bolivia and pakistan just few days ago, when the people raised their unstoppable voices in unision without any betrayers and wet-blankets, the increase was reversed. Its time to hit the street. AFAG has given the govt 10days to reverse the price, and we are watching wheather they have the nerves to pursue or thy will allow themselves to be cowed by the forces of ill-gotten, insensitive cliques and disgusting crooks. Its time to hit the street peacefully but vigorously and the commercial vehicles to stop working. Ghanaians are tired of shameless lies of the politicians.

God Have Mercy on Ghana

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