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11.03.2009 Crime & Punishment

Farmer kills lover over sex

By Daily Guide
Farmer kills lover over sex

William Angmor A settler farmer at Gortsonya near Nuaso in the Lower Manya District of the Eastern Region who could not stand the pain of losing his lover over a little misunderstanding, cruelly ended her life by slashing her to death with a sharp machete.

Thirty-five-year-old William Angmor had been in a relationship with 38-year-old Annor Maku, also a farmer at Gortsonya, for the past four years since he arrived at the village for farming activities.

However, the relationship turned sour about a month ago over an innocuous issue. This compelled Angmor to visit Maku on Monday, March 2, at her cottage ostensibly with a machete hidden on him to plead with his lover for a possible 'comeback'.

Angmor went to the house at the time the woman had just finished taking her bath around 8.00pm.  

Angmor pleaded with her to spend the night with him but Maku would not listen.

Angmor, not satisfied with this, decided to butcher his lover who has three children from a previous marriage in the middle of a footpath leading to her house. He immediately fled the scene after committing the heinous crime.

Angmor however told police that he killed Maku in self-defence   because she threatened to kill him with a knife after she refused to sleep with him and asked him to leave her house.

Briefing DAILY GUIDE about events leading to the arrest of Angmor, the District Commander of Akuse Police, Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Twum Barimah said that while she was being slashed to death, the victim repeatedly screamed for help saying "Bro Willie is killing me o, Bro Willie is killing me o".

He said since the cottages in the village are a bit far from each other and separated by bushes and footpaths, by the time neighbours heard her screams and got to the scene, the suspect had already bolted.

The victim was found lying naked supine in a pool of blood about 50 metres from her cottage with deep cutlass wounds to her head, the back of her neck and her arms while the machete   lay by her along with the suspect's wellington boots.  

He said the first people to arrive at the scene were the victim's brother in the company of two others who raised an alarm.  

According to ASP Twum Barimah, the suspect fled to Obapa Jekiti near Akosombo, not too far from Gortsonya where he has some relatives.

He explained that the murder of Maku spread like wildfire so people at Obapa Jekiti got wind of the incident. The assembly member of the town then led a group of young men who 'smoked' Angmor out from his hiding place before handing him over to the police at Nuaso.

ASP Twum Barimah told DAILY GUIDE that the relationship between Angmor and Maku got strained because Angmor consulted an oracle over a missing machete that he borrowed from a friend and had given to Maku on their way to her farm.

He said the two had gone to the farm to restrain one Dema Teye and his group from cultivating on a land belonging to Maku's family which had been leased to them for farming purposes since according Maku, the lease period had long elapsed.

He said this led to confrontations with Dema Teye's group during which the machete got missing.

ASP Twum Barimah said Angmor, who was not satisfied with the circumstances that led to the loss of the machete, went to a fetish priest in the village to invoke a curse on the one who might have stolen the machete even though the missing machete had been replaced with a new one.

According to the District Police Commander, Maku was not happy about Angmor's visit to the fetish priest and therefore decided to break her relationship with him.

The District Police Commander said the fetish priest involved in the saga has also been arrested and would be prosecuted on trial for ordeal and also for practising without a certificate.

Angmor has meanwhile been provisionally charged with murder and would be appearing for the first time in court either on March 10 or March 11.

From Thomas Fosu Jnr, Akuse