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16.01.2009 International

Couple Found Murdered in Upper Marlboro

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UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (WUSA) -- Police say a couple found dead in an Upper Marlboro home were murdered. 36 year old Eunice Baah and 40 year old Seth Aidoo were found shot to death inside Aidoo's home on the 14500 block of Turner Wootton Parkway in Upper Marlboro.

Police believe that someone broke into the house at some point this week and fatally shot the couple.

"I'm devastated," says Susan Dickson, Baah's cousin. "It's like I'm dreaming, I just want to wake up from the dream."

A dream that feels like a worst nightmare.
"Her sister and her mom they called me to find out if I lived close to her," says Dickson. "To come check on her because they hadn't heard from her all day yesterday. And I told them I haven't heard from her either, so we became worried."

That worry led them to call police.
Police say when they arrived at the house, they found two people shot dead inside and signs of forced entry in the back.

Loved ones say Eunice was staying at her boyfriend's house, 40 year old Seth Aidoo.

"To know Seth, was like to know Jesus," says Tanya Jonesarpong. "He would do anything he could for you. He was sweet, he was generous. He was a hard working man."

A hard working man from Ghana who lived in Prince George's County, but worked at an Arlington health care company.

Friends say Eunice, also from Ghana, was also in the health care industry, working as a nurse. The couple had just celebrated Aidoo's fortieth birthday over the weekend.

There is no word yet from Prince George's County police on any suspects or motive. Police are also not saying when they think the couple was killed.
Written by Tom Hunsicker

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