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28.12.2008 Elections

Politics Election Region

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At Juaben Court 1 and 2 polling stations in the

Ejisu-Juaben constituency, voting came to a standstill for about

20 minutes when rumours broke that a suspected NDC agent was

using a taxi to distribute acid ostensibly to spoil some of the

ballot papers.
At the Besease D/A primary 1, 80 out of the 852

people had cast their votes as at 0740 hours when the GNA

visited the station.
Fifty-five voters including a 100-year-old man, Opanin

Kwabena Asare, had cast their votes as at 0745 hours at the

Besease primary 2, polling station.
At the Fumesua Ahenfie polling station, 72 out of 205

people had voted as at 0815 hours while 143 out of 787 had

voted at Juaben Zongo Presby polling station as at 0905 hours.

At the Ejisu Court polling station, 80 people out 1,202

voters had cast their votes as at 0800 hours. Voting was generally

peaceful in all the polling stations.
In the Suame Constituency, though most of polling

stations visited did not have long queues, voters trickled in to

exercise their franchise peacefully.
At most of the stations, about one quarter of registered

voters had already cast their votes as at 0900 hours when the

GNA visited.
However some confusion erupted at the Nurom annex

polling station when NDC polling agents not satisfied with where

they had been positioned, insisted to move to a certain angle to

have a full and clear view of the voting process.
The presiding officer who felt that position could

hamper easy voting declined to give in to the request which

angered the polling agents but the swift intervention by security

men defused the tension.
Politics Election Regions 7 Bolgatanga

Voter turn-out at Bolgatanga has been generally low with the

long queues that characterized the general election of December 7

conspicuously absent.
However, in some polling stations in Bolgatanga, Bongo,

Zebilla and Bawku, a good number of voters turned out earlier to

cast their ballot, and this could be seen in the number of persons

who had voted as at the time the GNA visited those centres.

At the Bukere Primary 'A' polling station in Bolgatanga

Central, 285 people had voted as at 09.25 hours, out of 996

registered voters.
At ZAMSTECH Secondary 'A' Polling Station, 90 people had

cast their ballots as at 0827 hours out of 835 registered voters.

At Adabase Primary 'A' polling station, there were 579 voters

on the register out of which 108 had cast their ballots as at 08.35

hours. At Nawongo 'B' polling station, the total number of

registered voters was 642, out of which 62 had voted as at 0810

At Soe Residential Area 'A' polling station, there were 702

registered voters of which 178 persons had voted as at 0915

At Sabongari Central Mosque 'A' polling station in Bawku

Central Constituency, 360 people had voted as at 1006 hours out

of 940 registered voters. At the Home Science Centre 'A' polling

station in the same constituency, 305 people had voted as at 0947

hours while 246 persons had cast their votes at the North Natinga

'A' polling station as at 0956 hours.
At Aramkoliga polling station in the Zebilla Constituency, 100

voters had cast their ballots as at 0830 hours with 121 persons

voting at the Zebilla Senior High polling station as at 0914 hours.

At the Old District Assembly polling station, 156 people had cast

their ballots as at 0946 hours.
At the Anafobisi Primary polling station in the Bongo

constituency, there were 415 voters on the register, out of which

110 had exercised their franchise as at 0858 hours. At the Old

Catholic Mission polling station also in Bongo, 141 persons had

voted as at 08.50 hours out of 733 registered voters.

At the Bongo District Assembly Hall polling station, there

were 839 registered voters out of which 107 had cast their ballots

as at 0812 hours.
Presiding officers the GNA spoke to at all the polling centres

visited said voting had taken off smoothly at 0700 hours, with all

the essential voting material in place. Party agents and security

personnel were also present at all the centres.
Reasons given for the low turn out included the fact that a

majority of the electorate in the region do not take a keen interest

in the presidential poll as they did in the Parliamentary one.

At Dawu in the Eastern Region, voting started at exactly 0700

hours in seven polling stations in the Okere Constituency.

At about 0830 when the Ghana News Agency visited the

Methodist Polling Station, 52 people have cast their votes out of

a total voter population of 202.
Again at the Methodist Junior High School, 22 out of 89

registered voters had cast their votes as at 0930 hours, whilst at

the Presbyterian Junior High School at Abiriw around the same

time, 93 votes were recorded out of 293 registered voters.

The Anyakote Polling Station at Awukugua Electoral Area

recorded 33 votes out of 202 registered voters as at 0915 hours.

The Presiding Officer at Dawu Electoral Area, Mr Bernard

Hoyle told the GNA that all voting materials arrived on time and

that they had not encountered any difficulty as at that time.

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