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31.12.2007 International

African League for Peace and Democracy (ALPD)

By African League for Peace and Democracy (ALPD)
African League for Peace and Democracy (ALPD) asks for an end to the violence in Kenya . All citizens of the great nation of Kenya should promote reconciliation and dialogue at all levels of its society. It is every citizen's obligation to defend the constitution in order to enjoy the full rights bestowed in the constitution.

ALPD asks the government to bring to justice any rioters and police officers who have been responsible for the death of "at least 150" Kenyans during the post election period as well as the death of “hundreds” during the pre-election period. The ALPD would like to remind that the fear of lawful justice is the only weapon to be used to discourage rioters as well as influence the police to avoid excessive use of force. In extremely overwhelming situations, a larger police force should arrest rioters, since any shot-to-kill policy to quell riots is unacceptable.

ALPD asks the government to give further incentives for the opposition supporters to stop riots by:

- Giving legal, written and public assurance that their grievances (vote counting frauds or alleged rigging of elections) will be addressed by the government.
- Setting up a time table and deadlines to complete this investigation of all allegations made by the opposition in order to assure them all will be dealt in a thorough and timely manner.
- Giving assurance that the new seats gained by the opposition will decentralize power and become meaningful.
- Opening up all closed media outlets and helping them to become a much needed outlet for peaceful discourse instead of government or opposition propaganda.

ALPD asks all Kenyans to avoid ethnic slurs and threats, to unite the nation for peace and democracy. The League pleads all Kenyan citizens, politicians and groups who live in areas where violence is growing to:

- Organize in a multi-ethnic, particularly Kikuyu-Luo, groupings in order to become a voice of unity and peace.
- Avoid street political demonstrations in this tense and emotional period where it can easily turn into riots.
- Avoid all forms of violence and ethnic threats or attacks.

The African League for Peace and Democracy (ALPD) also asks the Kenyan Diaspora and foreigners to play a constructive role by promoting peace. Non-African observers, governments and institutions should function in a neutral manner by avoiding any conclusions and without labelling any one side in any way that would make a side appear more factual, more democratic, more reputable or more acceptable than another side. All foreigners should thus avoid taking steps that would harm reconciliation and discourse inside Kenya.

Influential Diaspora leaders should also plea for calm. Those Diaspora members who financially support politically active individuals or groups inside Kenya should take swift action by utilizing their financial influence to demand harmony and peace, first and foremost. The ALPD also pleads all religious and traditional leaders, scholars and elders inside Kenya to use all their authority towards achieving peace and reconciliation throughout the country.

African League for Peace and Democracy (ALPD)